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Do the Real Flight downloads work with V1?

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Do the Real Flight downloads from the home page work with version ONE?
The scenery in the PIC ain't familiar to me - so I'm guessing it's a later version. So I'm asking before I download them.
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20 views on this thread & no answer yet?
Is this a stupid question or what?
If there's an obvious answer - please point me to it - I ain't above bein' ignorant.
I dunno for sure but I would guess not!
I had an idea and almost replied :lol: but I wasn;t positive about how it would pan out. This should work: All you're doing is putting a pln (plane) file in your planes directory, in c:\program files\realflight\planes (or where ever the program loaded). Download and install the plane (forget the skins for now). If you launch and the plane doesn't work (more likely) or the program crashes (less likely), you may be able to get it to do so by editing the file with wordpad or any text editior. Just open up one of your plane files that you know works, and then modify / delete any lines that look like they don't belong in the downloaded plane. If that doesn't work, delete the pln file, and no harm done. I haven't tried this though, so if it blows up and you have to reload the program, rule #1 baybee. 8)
The downloaded plane wouldn't work (Ultimate B.H.) So I edited a copy of the default Ultimate & changed the data to match the B.H Ultimate. There's more data in the B.H file - I assume because it's for a newer version. But the data that matched is now set-up like the B.H file. Am I making sense? Anyway - it still didn't work & I'm open for suggestions. I'll check the file again tomorrow to make sure I didn't miss anything. But - assuming I didn't - what else can I try Bros?
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