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Just finished and ready to maiden.


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So you live in WI & you did a rebel flag... That's got to get a few comments. I'm from TN - so I can apreciate it. But what comments do you get from the typical WI-er?

BTW - Nice looking bird, Bro.
Post the maiden flight report ASAP.
WOW. great look'n that trans red over white?
Awesome! If those Yankees don't like it tell 'em to f*** off.
tell 'em to f*** off.
fuck, shit, bitch, cock sucker, cunt ... ok i was just checking i though i was in the "other" site for a minute :D :wink:
and cool cover job man, i like it and im a yank that war is long over :D
Looks really cool dude!

I really like the contrast between top, and bottom.
Nice job!! That thing looks bitchen!
Man that looks great. I wish I had the skills of covering
Nice looking bird man!!
surfnaked said:
clay_target said:
Just finished and ready to maiden.
Oh we have to fight the civil war over again??? :lol: :roll: :D

Seriously, that is one beautiful bird!! I'me really impressed, the whol "Waving flag" thing is becoming an art form all it's own. I wouldn't have the guts to show mine on the top!! Well done!
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CURSE YOU clay_target ...................... you beat me to it!!! Damn, well hell I'm still gonna do a rebel flag. Maybe if we get enough of them dun up like that, the SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN!!!

YEEEEEE-HHHAAAAAAAA......JK, I'm not even a southern either I just moved here (Georgia) because ******** maybe a rough group but they still say yes'm, and yes'r and are really friendly...But have lots of stupid fun! Hmmmm kinda sounds like a Pro Bro! :wink:

Looks Sweet dude!
Can you get some hi res photo's? I'd like to post that bad boy on my web site!!
Outstanding Job Clay! You really nailed the 3 dimensional waving!

Looks great!

Gordo said:
Oh we have to fight the civil war over again??? :lol: :roll: :D
I don't see what was so "civil" about it.

Thanks, bros, for the compliments. Really, not a single negative comment about slavery, winning or losing the war, carpetbagging, ******* attitudes, etc. Someone even asked if I was originally from Australia !!! Maybe we've progressed as a society to the point where we can put such differences aside... or perhaps my fly-mates are are a bunch of slave-owning, Southern resurrectionist ********.... hmmmmm. :wink:
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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