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Did you Fly today?

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Did yah get to fly today? Post your pics or videos for those who didn't get a chance to :rockoncool:

Got the dle running very well and couldn't resist giving it a go despite the wind gusting around 30mph.
Horrible flight but she got to stretch her legs and is back in the garage in the same shape it left in so :tu:


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35 ain’t nothing. I’ve flown 50cc up a creek and in my backyard. Scroll back through my YouTube and it’s in there somewhere.
Aircraft Vehicle Plant Airplane Monoplane
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That Skywing 85” is badass as well. Looks like a VH Sabre 47 in that 2000 video. Not many of those left these days. You are a true Pro Bro, your flying is amazing!
I’m a bro but I’m just an old stick banger, man. I just throw the sticks around and hope it looks cool. I can’t fly a strait line and I can do very little on purpose. But after a three or four year break, it taught me this really is my favorite hobby but that everything else in life is priority.
Jake, what's your hatcam? I am also just an old stickbanger from the RMM lol, so I need simple/easy to use and upload to computer and youtube
I just cut some green foam to hold my iPhone and hot glued it to a ball cap.
Yes,this is a hobby,cant let it take over you life. But then,we all need to play some,and letting us see those with extra talent is a plus. Theres lots of time on sticks to get good at this game,and starting young helps. Me to,what hat cam do you use.
Just read the i phone part,works better than i thought it wood.
Jake flying WoodButchers Primo at Nash '14..... That was epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Give us a pic of that hat,how do you hold i phone to foam,have to say it takes good vid.

1oz on the back for balance
Leg Musical instrument accessory Guitar accessory Human body String instrument accessory

Comfort Grey Laptop Glove Office equipment

Automotive tire Grey Synthetic rubber Bumper Electric blue
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That's cool-never woulda thought of that! Bet it looks damn sexy too ;)
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That's cool! Nice use of foam!
Every video I’ve ever made was shot from that hat. And I’ve made probably three times as many as is on my current YouTube. I had a lot on Vimeo before it crashed.
There was a flying club meeting on Saturday but my wife was out of town and I had no way to charge up this computer.

Three flights on the Mamba and I wanted to try my Flex 16x6 wood prop, but the spinner needs to more clearance. I didn't notice this until I had snugged up the screw that holds the spinner on but it's only minor damage. I'll see about getting the cutout in the spinner slightly enlarged this week.

I also went ahead and ordered the batteries for the CAP since SMC is having supply issues. I went with the Graphene 6S 4000's.


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Got some fly time in sat afternoon,no wind at all,but the bit bugs did come out. Mojo25 did great,202 did best it can as its getting warped up,still hell of a plane. Got a new one to build one day,and i be bit smarter now.
Yesterday was the first RC I was able to commit for some weeks unfortunately. A part of the reason to get the Mamba and change up what I've been flying to be able to fly with others. So yesterday morning I charged up some batteries and headed to the field. There were five other people taking advantage of the relatively cooler morning temperatures to do some flying. It's mostly a retired crowd but people that do some flying so not ones to just come out to complain for a few hours.

I did one flight on the Mamba with the stock prop and then changed over to the wood 16x6. I like the wood a little better and since the Mamba and CAP use the same spinner, I ordered an Extreme Flight 63mm spinner to use with the Mamba and not mess around with trimming the one it came with just yet.

Some new members (Grandfather and Grandson) came out to see what was going on the daughter/mother came with them. After doing some of my "tricks" as they called them, it was requested to just fly "normal" so she could get some video of the plane :LOL:

I obliged but got comments from the 3 of them that they didn't know an RC plane could do such things.


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Glad some Bro's are getting out.
I got out Saturday morning. Only a couple of flights with the foamies before the wind and rain came up, but it was nice to get out.
I did get to fly today.
Maidened my 78” EF edge and an OMP Bighorn.
I can’t say I’ll be buying any more EF planes. While the edge flies great and what I was looking for in a fatty, the build wasn’t fun. Several blaring issues that EF even refuses to acknowledge.

The OMP bighorn is fun but it can tip stall on you. It requires smooth transitions from 3D flip flopping to back on the wing. But it’ll really wad up! It’s fun, flies better on 3s than a timber X flies on 4s IMHO.

I also wanted to maiden my new night radian but I forgot my wing tube and I wasn’t driving back home to get it. Maybe ill maiden it in the morning.

Flew the yeti 33 some too. No pics or video. I just enjoyed my time out for a couple hours.
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You got us spoiled,waiting for some vids on them new planes. Patience,something we get as we age.,yep,wait till next week to fly,it be ok.
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