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Destination: Muncie!!!!!!!

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OK, here's the picture I have in my mind. 25 or 30 ProBros, freak flags flying (your shirts I mean) waiting their turn to tell the EC how we feel about #9.

I'm planning on attending, and at least one other has said he would. I know there are a buch of guys WAY closer than I am (it's 12 hrs for me) so how about it? How many can put their feet to the fight, instead of just our keyboards?

OH, and we could have a mini ProBro flyin too!!!
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It'd be hard drive but I might be able to make it. Date and time?
weekend of 4-23/24 Time and day I will figure that out in the next couple of days.
It's only about an hour and a half from my house. Might be a good day to violate the AMA field :eek:
Yep, that's what I'm thinking. A few #9s just to get the blood pumping! Bill said we oughta bring the electrics right into the meeting!!!
With my flying talent, flying in the meeting may have negative impact on our goals :eek:
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