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Depron sales? other than DepronUSA and alaska

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Are there any other joints to get Depron from?
other than depronusa and depronalaska
an eastern usa place would be cool (shipping cheaper)
and i dont think i want zepron, unless you can convince me its good
i need 3mm
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I get mine from , they have good prices and good shipping, they also have carbon tubes.
the site dont say they have cf rods or tubes do you just call and ask or something :?:
JGRC has white depron. I can't check the url here cuz I'm on a firewalled govt. computer :twisted: But I think it's or something like that. I prefer depronalaska though.
You would think somebody would make a sticky, like in the electrics forum, that listed places to get this shit! :lol:
think it's
not it
Anyone ever try this stuff? Looks interesting:
I got mine from aerocompositedesign. the link is up a few posts. They were quick as hell to get to my doorstep.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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