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I got this tonight from Dave:

Hi Jim,

As the campaign season for AMA President draws to a close I'm writing
to thank everyone who has supported me for the time and effort you've put in on my behalf. With a little over a week until ballots must be in the mail the perception is that we may come up a bit short.

As in virtually any campaign name recognition plays a huge role in the outcome. I believe this is a factor here. Tradition in an AMA election is that many of our members either choose not to vote, or vote for the incumbent primarily because they recognize his or her name.

I'm asking for your help in making one last attempt to reach out to these members. Please consider sending an email to your modeling friends in your address book, especially including members of your club who are true sport modelers and make up the vast majority of our membership. Ask them to visit my website at Please ask them, if they like what they see, to consider supporting me not only with their vote but by forwarding your email to their modeling friends.

By doing this I believe we can reach many members who have not yet exercised their right to vote. It's important to point out in your email that ballots need to be postmarked by no later then next Friday, November 12, 2004 and will only count if they're mailed to the address on the front of the ballot. Renewing your AMA membership for 2005 is not required to vote.

Regardless of the outcome I want to thank you for your help. It's a nice feeling to have so many friends who have enough confidence in me to support my effort to lead AMA.

See you somewhere soon,
Dave Mathewson
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So come boys lets get the word out. It's either have a guy in the AMA that is forward thinker or be hated by the AMA. Dave deserves all the help we can give him. RALLY!!!
You got it Billy..
I'm e-mailing it out now to let others know!
Mine is in the mail :D
Been there, mailed that and waiting on the celebration!


Sent mine in two days ago.

It's great that we voted but lets get some emails out to other guys that might not have voted yet or might not know about Dave Mathewson.
I still haven't ever gotten my freakin ballot!! I think they do it on purpose somehow just so Dave Brown can stay in there. I wan't to vote but can't without a ballot.
If the guys on my list of contacts get one more email from me on this I may get shot.....but what a worthy way to go :lol: I guess I could try one more time. I put it in 2 newsletters, and when asked about the other candidates, I said " well, they haven't gone online to discuss it so I don't know much about them..." :wink:

I'll try again
Burrito Bandito said:
Been there, mailed that and waiting on the celebration!

Same here :D
Maybe Dave Brown could set the Guiness record for being the most stuffy AMA incumbent ever. :roll:

Go Away Dave Brown :(
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