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Dave Brown Products

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Hey Bros,
I just made a $150 order from Tower.

Well,I also needed some light weight foam Wheels for my spa3dt.
I told them that I wanted any brand except Dave Brown products. I said that " I " felt that he is against 3D flying, especially the tail tapping issue. So, therefore I will not buy any of his products. She didn't respond, ( I didn't expect her to) , to my statement.

But anyways,I got my point across. I normally buy his products, but no more.

A lot of you guys got an answer from the emails that you sent him. I didn't even get an answer. ( I was polite )
Well, anyways, hit them where it hurts. ( the pocketbook)

Voice your opinion anywhere.
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I went with Graco
Done with kids and recycling the stroller, huh :lol:
I just don't want to see a pink baby bottle strapped to the side of your profile as a gas tank! :lol:
1 - 2 of 35 Posts
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