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Damed brushed motors...gurmble, grumble...

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I bought 3 E-flight 350 (I think that is what they are...the standard brushed motor that comes with the Ultimate and Tribute...) from a guy so I could at least fly some until my Himax came in. Anyway, I get to the soccer field and launch, fly around for a minute to retrim. I do a flyby and I smell something like when my wife left the parking brake on and drove 10 miles... :shock:

I catch the plane and the motor is HOT. I let it cool a bit and then fly again. Power is WAY down, it cannot even hold altitude. I go get the plane, pop the throttle a quick little blip just to spin the prop and nothing happens. I burned the motor up in less than 5 minutes! That totally sucked. My GWS 350 that I started this plane with lasted about 7 flights before I cooked it, but do I even get 5 minutes with this motor? NO! :x

I know I'm whining (sorry, I broke rule #1, but it is the first ligitimate time I think), but you'd think that the Horizon motors would be at least the same quality as the GWS motors. If you think about it, that short flight cost me as much as running about a half gallon of 15% through a glow engine...and not nearly the same ammount of time involved.

Geeze, I hope my Himax gets here soon.

End of whine...go back to busting KeyKey's balls about whatever you were busting on. :wink:

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I did the same on a 3s lipo bout 1 min for mine! thought it would at least last as long as the gws stock motors nope!
Yep, E-Tec 3s1p 1200 mAh...cooked that fucker right up. I almost want to slap the old POS Great Planes 280 replaceable brushes motor back on there untill my BL gets least that motor has some balls compared to these e-flights. The e-flight had hella power, but no stamina. POS

Damn !!!!!!!!!!! and I thought I was fast with only 5 flights on a brushed motor, before it was toast.
Brushed motor ? What's that ? :roll: :p
Yep, been there, done that, got the tattoo.

I cooked a EDF motor on a little flying wing one time. I was suppose to use the EDP version instead, but I didn't catch that last initial change.

Did it in Memphis in front of Paul. It flew great for about 3 minutes. There was stuff melted inside that motor!!!!
Well my Himax/CC10 came in today, had it set up and programmed just after dark. Gonna have to wait till tomorrow to fly it, but I know I'm gonna love it!

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