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cool video

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That is kick ass...
Looks to me like one of the games ******** play.

Cool video!
If lovin' that is wrong - I don't wanna be right.
I have always wanted to do that.
To Cool...

But thanks!! After my buddy saw this he calls me up and says "Andy lets go get a video camera.........."
BillyHell said:
I have always wanted to do that.
DITTO !!!!!!!!!!!!
:D :D :D

I had a customer in a Sukio (sp), that after he saw me fly my R/C plane, wanted to fly formation with my model, with me in the front cockput.

I asked him, what we goona do, if I lose sight of it? or run outta gas?

But that guy in the video.... was having the time of his life. I think it showed. But why stop at one. why not 2? or even three?
freinds of mine used to do that every once in a while but with trainer type planes they didnt care about, they would be laughing so hard that they could not fly shoot the video very well, they did it with a wagon that had a sunroof, pickup is the way to go.
that was good flying!
Hey did you notice that the wheels aren't the same size on the 330?
My buddy wants me to do that but on his boat. I just gotta get my hands on a digi.
Local club down here does an annual cross country event. 3 legs of approx. 40 mins each landing at different clubs fields before returning to the starting clubs field. This is some serious fun. Flyers use pickup trucks, convertibles , and the first 2 years my buddies and I used a motorcycle with sidecar attached. :lol:
That has to be the coolest thing I,ve seen in years.

How come you didnt land on the tailgate??? Cool vid tho!

that aint me doing the flying...I think somebody said it was wayne geffon
steener said:
My buddy wants me to do that but on his boat. I just gotta get my hands on a digi.
I've done it from a boat, it was pretty cool, the plane had floats.........Had people that were out on the lake looking at it wondering who had control. Was a blast....
COOL!!!! I've done the Cross country thing in the salt flats in CA and around Las Vegas. But they were always slow, fuel efficient planes. Never had THAT much fun.

My favotite part was when he was inverted and gave it down, that plane pulling to the sky was awsome!!

Just think of the fun we coulda had flying olong the dam in Texarkana!!
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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