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Cookeville TN ProBro July 15,16,17 BIGGER and BETTER

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We are trying to get a rough head count on who wants to eat BBQ, Looks like the cost will be $10.00 and will be all you can eat. This is providing that we have enough people interested.
Count me in for the BBQ2583.33%
I dont like BBQ, think I will pass516.67%
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Last year was to much fun not to do it again next year!

Jim has offered to do the BBQ again this year( this Guy can cook). The people that came last year will verify that it is some great BBQ, cooked on site all night long, the smell of it just makes you hungry.
Hey Kenny... that sound great!! Can't wait.... Hopefully I can keep my dinner down this time!!
hey that would be great, ...Pauly try to get the friday off, will go up Friday/Sat
I'm good to go on that.... Gator - did you get the Friday - Saturday off schedule??
woohoo! That's a weekend I'm off, will be there, Kenny!
Is this gonna be the Memphis event that was at propbusters last year?
no Jeremy , this is in cookeville TN about 5 hr east of memphis, man we had fun last year
I lived in the Cookeville area for about 3 years........and have been looking for an excuse to get back there to visit family and friends. I think this may be the excuse I've been looking for!
I cant make memphis but will try to hit this one
Hey that might fit right into my vac. schedule.
Metalman and I will try and make that one.
Yeah metal I'll have your bipe done by then.
Things are starting to look good for the Cookeville event :D

The runway is looking great (its grass this year) We have a hotel so close you should be able to see the flying from your room (but you need to be flying not sitting in the room watching) Heheh

The raffle is starting to look good and the food is getting lined out, Looking forward to seeing you guys again this year :!:
Sorry Guys, I am going to have to cancel the Cookeville ProBro, unless a private flying site can be found. Finding a private flying site will be a difficult task, but we are looking hard :!: We still have a couple months :wink:

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

FWIW: This has nuthin to do with burnin' planes, but it does burn my ***
Kenny, what happened?
wow , this is bad news...............can we still do the lynch'n? :shock:
FWIW: This has nuthin to do with burnin' planes, but it does burn my ***
Sure is odd timing and I don't get the feeling this was your idea. Your field doesn't want Pro Bros there? Woulda thought they made some nice jack last year and would want us back unless they thought/think we're too much trouble. Politics or what dude? Sumthins up!?
I guess will just have to move it to Jim D's place...then we can say we seen Jim D at a PB :lol:
Well, since a lot of guys (myself included) planned on Cookeville and Nashville, maybe we could have two in located in Nash this year? Maybe get the Cookeville boys to make nice with a club there to host it and it can be the Cookeville Pro Bro @ Nashville and we can still have the Nash King Daddy as planned. There's plenty of JITB around there so that's not a problem 8)
Why dont we work up a PROBRO outlaw around Memphis I have several places that would probally work if there was enough want to do so!

I feel like I could get permission for a 400 arce sod farm real close too the Casinos in Tunica (bout 1 hour south of Propbusters in Memphis)serveral other places worth checking on too......imagine 400 arces of indoor outdoor carpet not a bump in sight would have too respect the grass tho and no shelter...
GATOR said:
I guess will just have to move it to Jim D's place...then we can say we seen Jim D at a PB :lol:
Hey Gator, 'Lick me Ballzz' :wink:
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