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converting Acad2000 to PDF?

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has anybody done this? is there a freeware or something that does it?
i dont see anyway of doing it with Acad itself, or with adobe 5.0
i dont even know if its posible...
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i found this but its a trail
i hate replying to my own posts.. :D
Here's a round-about way.

Install a Postscript printer on your PC, printing to a file. Print the plans out to that printer, thus saving it as a postscript file.

Download Ghostscript from here:

This tool will let you convert the postscript file to a PDF file with a command line program called ps2pdf.

ps2pdf yourfile.pdf

I use this method to create all of my PDF files of my manuals, etc. from Word and I use it to create PDF files of my plans that I draw in TurboCad.
OverSpray has the full Adobe suite (not sure what it's called, but he said it cost like $500) and he can do all kinds of stuff as far as converting files. I know he went from PDF to DXF, emailed me the DXF and I converted it to ACAD 2000 DWG and plotted them here at work. I bet if you saved the DWG as a DXF and sent it to him, he could PDF it fer ya.
thanks guys, i guess i have some stuff to work with, i was just messingaround with this leadtools thing and it does just what quicker is talking about without all the fuss even the trial works with no problem, just gota make a custome acad page big enough for the project now. If i cant get it to work out i'll have to send it to overspray.
wish acad2000 had a auto tile function. at least i dont think it does.
If you can't get it to work, export a DXF and send it to me. If I can get my version of TurboCad to import it I'll make a PDF.
I know in the acad2002 version i have, if you hit plot, or control P, there are quite a few options for printing, and one of them is the PDF writer.
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