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I have a Sony digital camcorder, Digital 8 is the media. I found a cord that connects the camera to my USB port. How do I get a vid from the camera to the PC, and then onto a site? Is there some software I need, or it is somewhere already on the PC? I have a few different ways to play vids and music already, are any of them made for this?

I don't actually have a vid to post yet, but will soon.

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look in the tulsa swoomp vids thread. the second or third post goes through how to do most of the work. forget who it was but he was very helpful, maybe toss him a pm.
There should be some software that came with the camcorder.... You'll need that to interface with it thru the USB port.... If you don't have any software, check the net for the camcorder mfg and maybe you'll find a site with something you can use....
What Paul said. You should be able to plug the camera in to the PC, power it up in play mode and since the connection is USB, the computer ought to detect it, and if it doesn't have a driver for it, ask you for an installation disk. If you don't have the driver, go to the manufacturers (Sony) website and see if they have one you can download. That's step 1. Step 2 is that in order to get it to record to the hard drive, you'll need software to capture the video from the camera. On my PC it's in the video editing software that came with the camera. (If you're using XP, download the free editing software from Microsoft, it's should have this functionality). To get it to the hard drive I launch the software, hook up and the camera and power it up in play mode, then click on a button in the software to start the capture, then hit play on the camera. As the camera plays the video the PC writes it to the hard drive. When you're done you stop the camera and stop the capture, and from there, the software turns the video in to seperate clips from every time the stop/start button was hit when you recorded the video. You use the software editing to compile the clips in to a finished product, and when done editing, generate a finished movie as one file, which then can be sent back to the camera for storage on tape (digital video takes a lot of hard drive space when in it's native format). Hope that helps!
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Holy shit! That download is 8 hours long for my PC.

75MB takes a while at dial up speed. I think I'll order a CD. USPS can have it here by then I think.

I'll have to look for the camera's box, as we bought a while ago, and the PC at the time was too poor to do any video. My wife throws nothing away, so it's here somewhere.

Thanks for the tips guys, I'll get some vids up soon, I hope...
On my WinXP box I didn't have int install any special drivers. XP had what it needed already. I also have a Sony Digital 8 camera and USB connection.

For starters, a good (and free) package to capture and edit video is Microsoft's Movie maker. You can download it for free, or order a CD. It's actually not too bad, and it will compress the video nicely for online use.
Well, after some reading and some thought, I already have Windows Movie Maker 2.1 and the CODEC thingy on my PC. My PC is set to automatically download updates from Microsoft and HP. Each time I'm online, it downloads some of what is available. I do not need the 8 hour 75MB download, just the cord, camera, and time to learn what gives here. I wasn't aware that the Windows Movie Maker was even on the machine.

I hope this works as easy as it now sounds.

Thanks for the help guys.
TailTwister said:
I hope this works as easy as it now sounds.
Famous last words! :D
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