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Complete Brushless Foamy Setup FS

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Himax 2015 4100 Brushless Motor

Himax 3966 Gearbox (the good Aluminum one)

1250 HD High Discharge 15C Kokam 1250 mah 3-cell 11.1 v
battery This is the newest of the new, just got it from TBM...Brand new

ThunderPower 1300 Mah LiPo 3 cell..excellent

Castle Creations Phoelnix 25 A Brushless Speed Control Programmed for 3D

Feather RX CH 27 Pos Shift

3 Hitec HS55 Servos

I have it all, IT is ready to mount into a Foamy...

$225 shipped to your door....I dont want to seperate it, as it is a full foamy setup..all u need is the plane of your choice..;) Every thing is real nice and was all mounted in a foamy once, and neatly removed...Awesome deal...I do paypal too
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Do you still have this combo? I'm highly interested as I'm getting ready to go to Iraq and plan on taking a foamy with me.

I may be in Tampa on Sunday, maybe we could hook up and save some shipping time.

thats one hell of a better jump on that one Jon!
He ain't answered me yet...hopefully he still has it.

Well if you dont it Im sure I know several people that would!
He posts under the same name on RCGroups. If he has listed it there, I'll wager it's gone in the month that has passed since he listed it here..
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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