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Circle jerk converted to profiles

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One of the older circle flyers at our field has always liked watching us fly our profiles. He even went to a swap meet and bought him a old wore out Su Do Khoi with a even more wore out Magun 45 on it. Hell needless to say he was having no luck learning. Been trying to get him to try my Burrito for about two months. Well today I was hovering down low and he walked up and said George take it up higher and let me try for a little bit. Well before I left today he gave $65.00 dollars and asked me to order him a Burrito if I would. Guess we will have a new Bro pretty soon.
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that's the way to get new bros! you tell him about this site? :D
Way to go dude !! Congrats to both of you.
Man how sweet is this..... :D
Man it pretty cool he was Smiling from ear to ear when he gave me the money. :D
Way to go duuude... and thanks for the Burrito Order!!!
I've converted one or five folks here. :lol: There are engine-less fattys all over the state now!


Hey Paul, how many kits does a Bro have to sell for you to get a free Mojo?

And, how long until the Mini Mojo? 2 pounds, 300+ squares, and sick with 3D capability!
TailTwister said:
And, how long until the Mini Mojo? 2 pounds, 300+ squares, and sick with 3D capability!
but electric please 8) :D
im so tempted to get a burrito and give hovering lessons to my clubmates...

Forget the Burrito, get the Mojo to teach them! I can't imagine anything else easier to learn on! :tu:
TailTwister said:
Mojo Plus? 60 inches and 900+ squares?
Actually... the MoJo 60 will have a 55" wingspan and 1000 sq's....

Mini MoJo would be cool...... So many projects... So little time...
i *have* a mojo, but it will probably be my dont-you-dare-touch-my-pride-and-joy! bird. we shall see. If i wind up doing an engine round up, I may have several engines looking for homes :)

I know what you mean, Capt Winky wanted to cut up in the air with me today and thought I was flying my Katana P, BUT when He started flying toward me I had to WARN HIM OFF cause I was flying MY MOJO!

Don't you hurt my Mojo Capt Winky!!! Heh Heh :lol: :lol:

I gotta get rid of that new feeling before I'm willing to violate it!!!!!
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