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Charlotte Area People

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Hey, if there is anyone here who knows of a good place to fly in or pretty close to Charlotte (especially the UNCC area) let me know. I have just transferred to the engineering school here and I need to find a place with some cool people to fly with. If you want, just email me or PM me directions, if they are too long to post here. Thanks!
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Hey Josh . Thats a nice little field in the Mooresville area, Ive flown there before. Theres at least one bro there ( PinHead with mad skills ) that I know of. If you ever want to drive an hour west just hollar at me.
Lexington SC is about 1-1/2 hours from Charlotte....Let me know when you have a day to come down this way.


Lexington is about the same distance to Summerville, let me know if we can get together sometime and fly.
Things will be slowing down at work in the next month or two and I would love to have an impromteau pro-bro. Care to join us Josh?

Wheres your field at Bill? Im thinking your only a few hour from me.
Yeah, I would be glad to come and fly. But between work and school I don't have a lot of time and the time I do have, I end up doing homework. It really kinda sucks, but let me know if you all get together and I will try to swing it.
The field is right behind my house :D Phase two of my subdivision is underway (read sweet runways) no houses yet. I have sundays off and I could provide lodging for anyone who wanted to come down on saturday (I cook a mean porterhouse) If you guys wanted to do this, I would be game any weekend ASAP. I am five minutes from I26&I20. Let me know I think it would be a blast.

Oh your just around Columbia. I get down around Newberry quite a bit its only another 30 minutes or so down there.
Sounds good to me would love to come up. Just let me know when and where.
I am going to talk to the guys in the club (Jedburg Flyers) and nail down a time when we can host a Pro Bro event.
I love Charleston....I would deffinately to come down if you hosted an event. I will let you guys know when I have a free weekend, it should be soon.
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