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CG for EF flight profile edge?

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I flew my ef edge this evening for the first time and I think I'm pretty nose heavy. I'm just aft of the spar by 1/2" I was flying a goldberg extreme profile before this one. I was getting very comfortable with it. I could do high alpha rolls just off the deck. My new EF has this wierd spiraling motion when I try to do any high alpf rolls and it takes considerably more speed to mainyain its high alpha attitude. I know this thing will fly the pants off the goldberg if it is set up right. How far back does everyone go for a balance point?
My next question: What should the neutra aileron position look like. Someone tried to tell me that they should be deflected up a bit. I have them in line with the leading edge so that a line from the trailing edge of the aileron to the leading edge of the wing produces two equal halves on top and the bottom.
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