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carbon pushrods

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Just wondering what size carbon rod would be good for pushrods on the chuck flyer. Wanted to try something more solid than the flexiable wires.
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I use the .042" wire I think is the size. And make some stand-offs from ply. I've never used CF for pushrods, I think Pauly has...
This is pretty dang stiff... put a couple on each pushrod.
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I've done some 1/16" (.060") CF pushrods on a foamy.. I used 1 1/2" long pieces of .042" music wire CAed and wrapped with carbet thread on the ends... Worked great. Very stiff. You still need the stand offs though.
I can't remember the diameter off hand...but I use CF for pushrods and just drill out the EZ connectors a tad on the servo...they slide right in. I then use heat shrink tubing to connect the other end to the control surface. Very light and absolutely no slop. Longer pushrods on larger foamies may flex a bit....then I just make a foam stand off. I'm done with wire except maybe on ailerons.
Explain how you connect the other end to the control surface with heat shrink... Sound interesting.
Here's how it goes....

You can use whatever material you want for the control surface control horn. I've used a short length of zip tie...CF strip...or lite ply. Fit this to your control surface angled inward so that the tip is close to the hinge line, but don't glue it yet. Get the appropriate sized heat shrink tube and cut it to whatever length you need...put a small drop of CA on the carbon and slide the heat shrink onto it and hit it with heat to shrink it on. The CA will make sure it doesn't slip off. Then put a small drop of CA on the control surface horn and slide the other end of the HST over it leaving enough gap between the CF and the control horn to allow for the bend and to prevent binding when moving the control surface...shrink the tubing. Then Glue the control horn onto the control surface. If you glue the control horn into the control surface's hard to keep from melting the depron when you shrink the tubing. Ask me how I know.
Looks like this:


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Thats holds ? The CF rod does not pull out in high G manuevers ? Sound like a simple solution with no binding.
Thats holds ? The CF rod does not pull out in high G manuevers ? Sound like a simple solution with no binding.
Only on the smaller foamies (that one is 6 oz) On the bigger ones...use something like in Auger's post. Or take a regular dubro control horn and shape the end...cut a slot...and insert it from the back side and glue into place. That'll never come out.
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