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Capt Winky Got Circumcised Today!!

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It was one of the sweetest midairs I've seen in a while and NOBODY got it on film!

Here's me and the winkster minding our own bees wax on the far end of the field at a local fly in...trying our hardest to hit each other (Bump'n wings) when right when we got our grove on with hovering right next to each other......WHAAAAMMM!!! Some dude with a H9 P-51 flies right thru Winky! I don't know how in fates name it happened cause we were so FAR AWAY from the rest of the field with only the P-51 flying besides ourselves.

It hit so hard that the Cpt's Katana disinagrated in mid air....biggest piece left was part of the wing and elevator. We couldn't find his RX'r, battery, switch and 1 servo....Yep you guessed it! It was in the belly of the P-51....

To Funny and nobody's feeling got hurt!


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Positive Attitude!

The wing says it all!

You know what it stands for!!!!


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Man oh man....Id pay good money to see that on video.
Damn Winky..was that the new bird??

And 2 words: More Glue. :D
Na it was my knock around arf. Man the only way I could describe it was like there was a stick of tnt in my plane. Parts where going everywhere. It was funny that he brought back my rec, servo, battery, and switch from the back of his plane. It was one for the books. Good thing is that we sparked intrest in the profiles with a few guys there. They wanted to know about the katana's and mojo.
Sorry for your loss Winky, but it looks like you took it in stride!

Get something else up soon.


So let me get this guys had a fly-in, raised hell, caused all kinds of carnage, had a great time, and I'm sitting here stiff as a board from shoveling 5" of "Partly Cloudy" from my driveway yesterday????

You Suck :lol:

Sorry for your loss.

Mougly said:
and I'm sitting here stiff as a board from shoveling 5" of "Partly Cloudy" from my driveway yesterday????
That was funny as hell thanks :D :D

Sorry about your loss, perhaps that one is beyond glue, You might need duct tape :oops:
good to see a fatty get killed by a skinny :twisted:

sorry for your loss. It happened to me about 6 months back but i got hit by a car!!! Don't ask. :cry:
jason H said:
sorry for your loss. It happened to me about 6 months back but i got hit by a car!!! Don't ask. :cry:
You or the Plane?
Sorry about the loss, mid-airs suck. :x At least it was a knock around and not a brand new one. There's one less fatty in the sky now too. :p

Get it to Doctor Swany 'STAT!' I'm sure with a couple of injections of ProBond, he can have it back good as new....

Sorry bout your midair.... :?
At least if it was gonna die it did so with FLAIR!!
I hate to lose one but at least you took that 51 with it :lol:
It gave it's life to stop that warbird....that's what I call "Going out with style!"

Sorry to see a good Profile go away, I'm sure there will be annother soon!!
That's really not a circumsion. Looks more like a castration to me! :shock:

And this just proves that straifing runs are more dangerous than hovering. Last midair I had with hovering the plane was back up in 5 minutes! :D
I went back to look at those pics again, and uh, wow, uhmmm, I am wondering what that sounded like.


Then quiet.
Lets put it this was COOOL! I lost track of my own airplane for a split second just to watch the fallout...HEH HEH!

What was funny was everybody was running out on the field toward the P-51 wreck and I'm trying to land! Everybody surrounded the dead P-51 and nobody was helping us pick up all the little pieces of the katana, Winky saw a bunch of little kids and yelled, HEY YOU KIDS WANNA HELP US PICKUP ALL THE PIECES? Funny Kids took to it like it was a candy drop!

And Yes! It's nice to live in the south! Fly year round! :D
Like Gordo said, hate to see a profile give it up, but at least it took out a POS P-51 ARF on the way out!!!!! :lol:
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