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Can't take it no more!

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OK bro's I need your help! I know this has been asked a gazillion times but..... I have to get a foamy. I can't take it no more! The look like to much fun. Heres the deal, I only have a $200.00 budget so this is what I'm thinking,
Plane = One from levi's web site
Motor = GWS 350 W/D gears ( Does anyone have the stock #'s? The guy at the LHS thinks I'm smokin crack! )
ESC= Pixie 20P ( or is a GWS OK?)
Rec.= GWS Pico
Batt= E-tec 2 cell 1200 mah
Charger= Apache ( the $35.00 one )
I have servos so no need there.
Is this a good starting point? What would you change? I think this is almost exact to what some are running from what I can tell. Who has the best price for all of this stuff? I know all these questions have been asked before so any and all help would be great. Thanks!
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That set up will work!

As for the gearbox, it's an EPS 350C w/D gears. Pass that pipe! :D
Chuck, cough,Cough, "ear" :shock:
:D drop by and talk to Troy. He speaks the GWS lingo, gives the Bros a discount, and can set you up with a rig to meet your budget.
Will do! Thanks Chuck! and pass the pipe back already :D
DAMN! Forgot that I cant use link for " Contact Us " at work. Chuck, How else can I get in touch with troy? I am not sure of his screen name here????
He is KSFlyer or maybe ksflyer, not sure..
Found the # on website, I'll give him a call.
Will that set up have the ass to hover or not? ( I.E. 1/2 to 3/4 throtle)
It'll fly, hover, probably mild 3D....not sure. I tried a 350 brushed motor and 8 cell 720 NiMh and it was a dog. The 2S lipo will be a lot lighter, that has to help. A 350 brushed motor and 3S lipos is the bomb! For about a dozen flights.....then you need a new motor.

That's the hard thing...most people fall in love with these planes. I can't imagine never having one now. For a modest amount of investment up front, you can go whole hog brushless, even brushless and 2S lipo, and have a power system that will out live many airframes.

But don't get me started...Ask anybody, I'm great at spending other peoples money :D Don't spend any more than you are comfortable with, you can always upgrade your package as funds allow. It's not hard or unheard of to get $500 (or more!!) tied up in a foamy system (counting multiple packs, charger, all the other stuff). People freak out when I tell them what mine cost.
I'd bite the bullet and go with a 3 cell LiPo pack, even with the GWS 350. While I get my brushless issues straightened out I'm flying with E-Tec 1200mah 3cell packs with my GWS350 in a D gearbox and a GWS 12x6 prop.

HOLY CRAP, does it go :shock: :shock: :D :D

Later, when you get a brushless motor (you will :wink: This E stuff is VERY adictive ) the 3 cells will be great. Extra motors with the pinion gear are only $12.
Dang! I just can't make my mind up! Wait another couple of weeks and go brushless or fly until I get tired of burning up motors????
Stupid question time :D If there is a 2s and a 3s lipo batt at the same mah. then the 3s just gives longer flight times?? or more umph + longer flight times?
Sorry for all the questions but I dont want to go spend a couple of hundred just to find out for a few $$ more I could have got "That" not "this"
The 3S has 11.1 volts as opposed to 7.4 volts on the 2S. A lot more voltage, a lot more punch.

The brushed motors are about $10 a pop when they pop (with shipping and a pinion installed) so you just have to ask yourself if you expect to fly it more than 60 flights. This is 12 flights times the 5 motors it would take to buy a brushless ($50 for a Himax 2015 XXXX). You might get 15 flights/motor on a 3S/ brushed rig.

The speed contoller is maybe twice as expensive. So you are looking at $75 or so more to go brushless right off the bat as opposed to brushed.

But if you decide later you want to go brushless, you will still have a brushed speed contoller laying around that you won't need. Now you will have to still buy the brushless motor and speed controller on top of the brushed motors you have burned up, and a surplus brushed speed controller you don't need (but might be able to sell??)

That's about it..
Ebay reselling of a brushed speed controller, unless you bought a Jeti or CC brushed like the Pixie, yu might as well spend a few more bucks for the brushless setup. I spent $52 for my himax 2015/4100, and $59 for my CCPhoenix 25 on Ebay. for gearbox, I bought a package from - their GWS brushless Gearbox combo. the sell you the d-ratio gearbox, a cnc adapter for the Brushless motor, and a pinion gear for $19, that way you are ready to drop in your himax without having an extra 350 brushed motor laying around.
I went GWS brushed first, then ordered the brushless later because I planned on using the brushed stuff for my son after I'm done with it. If you don't plan on having 2 electrics going, then wait and go brushless.
Thanks for everyones input! I am going to wait just a little longer and go brushless. I did some checking last night and got my choice down to 2. A Himax w/D gear box or a AXI. Seeing as it will take a week or so to save the xtra $$ I have time to research the two.
Quicker, Thats funny you said that about giving the brushed set up to your son, I had the same thought last night. He's only 9 but can tear up RealFlight. I just have to get him past the " crashing because it funny " thing. :shock: :D
Chuck, Your right that sums it up! Its not so much the money thing as it is a patiance thing. Thanks for the explaination about the volts. Can I have the pipe back now? :D
OK here is what I went with. Let me know what ya think.

Axi 2208/34
Jeti 18 amp ESC
GWS Pico Reciever
Etec 2S 1200 Mah batt.
GWS 10 X 4.7 Prop
Just a little food for thought here. Par has a 13.5oz 3DX with a 350-D using a GWS 11/4.7 prop that with a Whatt meter shows only 7amp and is very capable of climbing out os hover.

For those wanting a way to fund the kid's planes this is a good start and a great way to get your self started before the brushless motor might fit the budget too.
OK So I blew the shit outa my $200 budget.... :shock: :shock: :shock: oh well, back to mac-n-cheese for a few weeks. Just waiting on the Jeti 18 and I'm good to go! :D Will post pics ASAP
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