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Can anyone give me hovering tips? plz hep

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Are there really any good tips out there that can help develop my hovering skills?
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I learned how to hover on my trainer and i just kept practicing untill i got ok at it.

Mind you im not a profesional as i am new to 3d and stuff like that but all it really takes is practice. you don't use ailerons much, mostly rudder and elevator. Start up high just incase or you know what could happen :shock: , can you say ground effect

Just my 2 cents, im sure there are more qualified bros that could help you better
get an electric foamy. being able to practice in the park or in an emty lot will let you learn faster.
the sim will get you going faster then any of them. no batteries to charge, no fuel to burn.
when your plane is facing away from you, put your rudder stick under the low wing. just like when a plane is flying toward you.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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