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C/L flying at the Nall

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My cousin got me started flying a long time ago. Like 20 years or so ago. We flew C/L planes, mostly profiles. He has come a long way, winning a nats in Precision C/L Aerobatics, and now builds professionally.

His recent trip to Joe Nall got him a chance to fly in front of the largest crowd ever. He flew the AMA C/L Aerobatics Pattern at the Nall. He said there was probably over a thousand people there.

So, if you saw someone flying in a perfect circle, making large pattern maneuvers, no it wasn't a Circle Jerk, it could have been my cousin Dale.

He also has talked to Chip Hyde in recent past, about building a C/L plane for him. I guess Chip is getting bored with R/C and might want to try something new some time. I wonder if Chip knows that a torque roll on C/L is a bad thing? :wink:
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