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Burrito Balancing?

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OK, so do you balance it with the tank full, empty, or half- full? I got mine balanced at 1/4" behind spar, and perfectly balanced laterally, with the tank empty, but it seems like the more fuel I burn, the sweeter the plane flies, so should I rebalance? I was thinking maybe half a tank would work better?
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Empty! Always! 8) 8) :D :D
I always balance with mine empty......just keep moving your cg back till it flys sweet all the time....dont move it to big of amounts though when you get toward the aft bit of its range it can get real touchy in a hurry.
Balance?????? These dang things are supposed to balance? Who woulda thunk it?
I just slap 'em together, fuel 'em up, and take off. Thought that was what those sticks on the Tx was for, to make it go where you wanted it to.
Goes a lot better if there balanced right......
yeah, I've always balanced my planes with the tank empty, but it just seems like I get the most stable hovers and harriers when the tank gets almost dry. I was thinking if I balance with a half tank, I would be closer to the sweet spot for more of the flight. Wish Paul would chime in. Maybe if I wish reeeaaalll hard...
It just means your CG is still to far forward....just start moving it back till it fly sweet all the time. Your overthinking this bro. :D
Yeah, I know. The c.g. needs to come back some, but I've also noticed that when I try to do a wall with a full tank, it tends to drop the left wing, then after I fly some more, it doesn't drop the wing. So I think I'll just try balancing it laterally with half a tank and see what happens. Only thing is, I've already moved everything as far as I could, and now I'll have to start adding weight, and I hate to do that, so maybe I'll just leave it alone, or maybe add a tiny bit to the tail.
It doesnt take much lead on the tail to move your CG a good you wont add to much weight.
10-4, good buddy. Do you use those stick-on weights or what? How much? I was thinking probably just a 1/4 oz. at a time. Truth is, the plane flies great as is, but after my first weekend out I added a little right thrust and it really helped my "hovering", so I was just thinking that a little more fine tuning might go a long way in helping to make me look like I know what I'm doing.
I hate to tell you how much to put on because I usually have an idea how much farther back I want the CG to go....if Ive flown the plane etc. That being said 1/4 oz aint much at all. Thats like taking .75 oz off of the nose if you have close to a 3 to1 ratio. When you consider you put say 8 oz in the fuel tank .....get what IM saying? But that being said your tank is probably about halfway between your CG an your nose. Try just start adding what you feel comfortable with.....I like to use fishing weights you can put as many on a string as you want an attach it to your tail. Easy to change weight....when you get what you want you can figure out a permanent attachment.
dhooks said:
I like to use fishing weights you can put as many on a string as you want an attach it to your tail. .
How do I attach them? Fish hook? Man, this is gonna hurt! First the nutsack thing, and now this...I didn't know flying 3D was gonna be so painful!
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