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Not sure where this should go, but I want to let some of the guys who hate to build know that I love to!

As Fall approaches, I'm taking orders for frame up's. I stopped covering for people after the last plane I built. Just takes too much time. I'll do complete frame jobs and finish sanding. All you need to do is cover and final assembly. Prices are competitive and I'll ship it to you insured.

Can do Mojo's, Burrito's, Taco's and Sledges. Others if you like. Send me a PM if you're interested. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and list Alfster and Rik756 as references. Swany is also familiar with my building so ask him too if you like.

Thanks Bro's!

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Sent you a PM concerning my mojo.

Let me know.

SNAP!!! man that limb broke!!! naw I have seen BB's building its top notch.....not good as mine he but still very good! :eek:
Bite me in the loving way only you can Stan! :)

Na, thanks for the plug..........I think

Still got room for more if anyone is interested......
Sorry BB but Flip under bid you.
If he's good enough to build for KeyKey then he's good enough to build for me!! :D
Not a problem at all. We all got our price and I know Flip has a tremendous rep as a builder.

Thanks for looking

Gotta put in a good word for John's (BB's) building skills as well. Very good work and after he told me what he charged, I think getting something built by him is like stealin'
Hey John, wanna build me a Pen knife but lighten up for electric conversion ? Kinda like Chuck made a light E version out of the Taco.
Could either pay or trade some of my glow stuff. Whatever you like if interested.
Hey Ulf,

Get with me off line and let me know all the mods you are interested in and I'll let you know. Sorry about the delay in getting back with you, I just saw your post.

Thanks Bro,

Two Mojo's and a Burrito going out by weeks end. I got 2 more MoJo's and an E-Taco in the wings.......still room for more.

Thanks guys,
I'll get you those plans on a mini Burrito soon.....
Thank you me bro!

Oh..........please keep your fingers to yerself!... :shock: :cry:

dang! I'd build stuff and trade for equipment, that sounds cool!

Did someone say mini-burritto plans? :tu:
Bird number 4. F2racer is the proud pappa.


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All Done!

With the wing that is:


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hey whos design is that on the green Auger sending you some schemes? :lol:
Yeah, but I think the goat has learned to color, Chuck is never that detailed......................
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