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Hello Bro's
Can you believe it's time to start planning for a summer of ProBro's :rockon:
Just wanted to invite everyone to the Bolivar Pro Bro, the one that kick's off the Missouri and Iowa Tour.
We always have a great time, rain or Shine and some of the best Smoked BBQ your going to eat.
So pack up some slab's and lets get to it....See you there :drink:

Bolivar PB Date June 16, 17, 18 and 19. 2022

directions to the field

$25.00 pilot fee
Includes noon and evening meal, water and soda on Sat. Water on Friday.
Non pilots eat for $5.00. Pilots wives that bring something to add to the table (desert or whatever) eat free.

Raffle with prizes Being worked on at this time.

Hotel info:
Most Bros stay at....
Super 8 Bolivar
1919 S Wommack
Jct of Hwys 13 and T
Bolivar, MO 65613 US

Phone: 417-777-8888
Fax: 417-326-8474

You are also welcome to camp at the field.

Probably provided by Cartman and RCam

Friday noon: Planning on having something to cook. Burgers or something. Let me know if you will be there.

Friday night: We old timers will continue the tradition that started at Bolivar over a decade ago, Eating at the local El Rodeo Mexican Restaurant. @ 306 E Jackson St Bolivar, MO 65613 (417) 777-7020 Those of you that are unable or unwilling to participate in the tradition. I will supply #'s for the local pizza joint. Pizza Hut: Dine-In Delivery & Carryout - 1988 South Springfield Avenue Bolivar, MO 65613 (417) 326-5505.
Then, fly till dark and enjoy the under the lights world famous Pb mini foam combat round 1

Also there is Smith's (good food) at the intersection of U and HWY 13 a mile from the field (look for it on your way in).

Sat noon: Lunch will be provided, with pilot fee. Non pilots $5.00 Sub sandwiches, chips, ect.

Sat Evening: Smoked Chicken and fixings this time, with pilot fee. Non pilots $5.00, or a side dish or desert. Also there is a lot of room in the smoker, so if you have something you want smoked bring it.
Then, fly till dark and enjoy the under the lights world famous Pb mini foam combat round 2.

Sunday: You are on your own as every one is normally gone by 12:00 noon.

Time line to go by but not live by.

Friday the 19th: Arrive any time at the field. Offical start time is noon.
Fly your sack off till we head into town to eat Mexican around 5:30. p.m.
Fly under lights late into the night, micro PBF combat

Sat the 20th: Fly until Lunch around 12:00
Mass hover and vertical drag around 1:00
Supper around 5:30. Smoked Chicken and fixings
Pizza box combat
Flying under lights late into the night.

Sunday: Breakfest at Smith's, Fly some and pack up to go home.

List of attendees: Let us know what days you will attend.
1. Allout 3d Fri, Sat,
2. McDDD Fri, Sat
3. Fill-Dill Thur, Fri, Sat
4. MrMcfarlandM Fri, Sat
5. Cartman Thur, Fri, Sat

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Count me in for Fri and Sat

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What Fil Dill said

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I am planning to be there Thursday night thru Saturday morning. Unfortunately I have to work Saturday afternoon/evening so I won't be there for most of the fun stuff.
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