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Bling Bling Yak!

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Ok, I finally got it covered. Gheeze, I need to get some of Gator's skills and enthusiasm for covering! Anyway here are some photos. Flew it this afternoon and it flew awsome. Those who have flown one of these will know what I am talking about!

The Bling Bling List:

OMP 65 Inch Yak
YS-110 swinging an APC 16 X 6
Hitec 5945's on all the surfaces
Hitec 5245 on the throttle
Titanium pro links and Dubro HD ball links
Carbon fiber wing tube
Carbon fiber main and tail gear
2200 mah Lithium Ion battery
adjustable voltage redulator
HD electrodynamics charge switch
Kavan lightweight wheels

Tipped the scales at 7 lbs 8 oz! This thing is 1 lb lighter than my 68 inch EF Yak! I'm running 30% nitro in the YS-110 so this thing flies like a rocket! Bling Bling!

Knife edge flight is awsome! Absolutely no pitch or roll coupling! The only other airplane I own that has no coupling is my Composite ARF 3.3 meter Yak!

Enjoy the pics!


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Very nice Mark! You dressed her in RED......guess she is a Russian Whore!
That looks nice. Looks like you are getting comfortable with it fast.
Sweet looking build me one!! :D
Awesome Mark!! Boy all that time off has really helped out huh? Can't wait to see this one at the field.
Damn good looking plane you got there Mark...You guys going to be at Propbusters this weekend? I just finished up the sledge, so I may come out there if it is ok to fly it.....

Just let me know!
PaulSwany said:
Awesome Mark!! Boy all that time off has really helped out huh? Can't wait to see this one at the field.
Just putting those servos you sold me the other day to good use! :D

That is an awesome combo, nice job on yours!

Watching Steve fly his, I've seen how perfectly that engine is matched to that airframe, but you shoulda covered it like it's big brother 8)
Constrictor said:
My Yak repairs are well underway. However, fuel and vibration is taking its toll on the airframe. Gotta get er done for nashville!
Hey Steve,

What kind of fuel are you running in your YS? I've been running Byron's 30% heli fuel which contains 24% low viscosity oil. With this low viscosity oil there is very little cleanup after flying. In fact less mess than I usually have with my gas airplane! YS actually reccomends using fuel with low viscosity oils as long as the total content is at least 20%.

1 - 20 of 29 Posts
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