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Big profiles

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How do the big profiles 80-90 inches compare to the big fatties? Im wandering how much difference Ill notice stepping up to 33% from my 80 in profile Extra.
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That's a tough question. I've flown 30% and although they are very nimble and agile they don't float like the 80" profiles do (at least the ones that I flew). My OMP Giant edge was like a kite when I backed the throttle off, kinda just floated around. I tried this once or twice with my buddies GP 330L and it just didn't seem the same.
Big "scale"scale planes can fly very similar to profiles in the 3d arena. But they do not recover nearly as fast, as their wing loading is just a lot higher. You have to recover with power when close to the ground. Big planes rudders are also not nearly as effective. Lets say you want to TR, a profile, and a big plane. You can let the profile get way out of shape, and fix it with the rudder. A more scale plane you will have to use more rudder input, and you have to stay on the rudder more. In another words you can't let the nose get to far out. If you do you will either gain altitude trying to fix it, or will have to wait for it to turn and get it with elevator. Big planes have their advantages over profiles. It's much easier to fly straigh lines, and fly scale like Imac manuvers. Also a big plane spinning a big prop has more torque available witch will let it wind up pretty fast in a TR. Big planes are easier to stall, which helps in some manuvers such a rolling harriers.

All in all they are similar but a big profile or any profile for that matter will fly stupidly slow, and allow you to yank elevator without any surprises. A more scale plane won't fly as slow on it's wing, and If you decides to yank elevator you have better be in the power as well. They can, and will snap, but not like thos 40-60 size bastards will! :D
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Oh man why doesnt someone just give me a bigun so I can see for myself without spending the money.
Capthis, you summed it up well. The less responsive rudder thing is so true. I was disappointed when I saw how much LESS effective my 31% Extra - rudder was, compared to my .40 size rudders.

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