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Best arf for newbie profiler

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I have been bitten by the profile bug. I need an arf as I have 2 young kids and have no time to build. What are the experts opinions? I have been flying off and on for several years. I want a profile to learn 3d. I will most likely power it with an OS .50. Thanks

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well, look in the for sale section. I have a new in box OMP Katana ARF 4 sale :wink:
I did see that. There are a few on ebay that I'm watching now. $120 shipped. Thanks
yeah, but is it the one from OMP ? Not sure if they are the same or where the prototypes
There both one an the same. Now when OMP restocks they will be a new updated version.
well, then I let mine go for $120 too
I hear Morris has their ARFs back in stock and the Knife is a good starter. There are a lot more planes these days, and about to be more, but it seems hard to find a good ARF, and when you do they sell out.

For my money, stay away from Goldbergs stuff, but that's My Opinion. And if you can split the difference, a Burrito builds SO FAST, there are ARFs that take longer!! (well, not profile ARFs) But you can frame it in a few evenings, and cover it in a few more. And it's one strong bird, flys great!
Was just at Morris Hobbies shop a few days ago and they have got a ton of ARF's ready to go. My only hold up is $$$$$$$, or lack of. Got a deal working on a car that may enable me to go visit him in the next few days. I HOPE I HOPE I HOPE.

Big Ass Balsa Nova = $299.99
Morris the Knife = $149.99
Su-Do-Khoi 45 = $159.99
TopCapArf = $159
BalsaNova 40 = $199.99

All qualify for the ProBro Discount of 10%

I looked at some of the planes and they LOOK MARVELOUS!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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