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What is everyones battery of choice for thier foamies? All I've used are the E-techs from 1year ago, and I'm thinking about some new batteries. Tom
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I like my Irate and my Falcon Batteries. Both are rated 10C. The Falcon might have a slighter better quality. I use the 3S 1100mah size you can also order them from

Tanc packs are supposed to be good too.
I like the TP 1320's they are really light and give a lot of punch.
I have Kokam, E-Tec, Apogee, and Thunder Power. The latter two are my favorites. The E-Tec's are OK...Kokams are shit. I'm getting Tanic's next.
I can tell you the new 10c e tech is a big improvment over the old classic 7c. lots more power to the motor and longer flight times. stay away from the electrify 1200 it only has run times 1/2 as long as the e techs. When you ask the guys that make these things up there really arent that many different people making the cells, just different ways of rating them making them appear to be different : example (ive been told) the polyquest 2600 and the tanic 2500 use exactly the same cells, just a little different way to rate them
Well, I just orderd the Thunder PWR 2cell 860 and 3cell 1320, So if they're crap I'm holding scole responsible :D .. Ok OK, I flew them last year and had good luck, so Im gonna try them again. They are light and rated 10c so should be good ones...
what motor are you flying the 2 cell 860 on?
AXI 2208/34. Keeps down the weight..


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thats what george hicks used in the probably already knew that...
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