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AXI 2208/34

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Is anyone running this motor on a 12-15oz. plane?

I'm wondering how the performance would differ from the 7oz. Mini Gee Bee that I smashed yesterday?

I'm also considering putting it in a 5-6oz Yak, is that nuts? The power was wicked on the GB.
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I ran one on a 12 oz foamy. That's it's absolute max for 3D flying. I was running 1200 3s lipos. Punchout was not awsome....but it was OK. As for putting it on a 5-6 oz won't be 5-6 oz anymore. This little thing is kinda heavy. For 5-6 oz...get a GBV1.1 kit for $8 from These things weigh like nothing compared to the axi and will 3D the hell out of a 5 oz airplane.
I've been thinking the same thing. I think most people use a 2s lipo on a Shocky sized plane, so maybe the 2208 could haul a 12oz plane with a 3s?. One of these days I'll try it and see, but at my speed, it could be a year or 5 before I do.
I'm also curious about that new Himaxx outrunner......

From what I've heard of the himax puts out the power of a 2212/34 at about the weight of a 2208 and half the price.
That's Greek to much power is the 2212/34?
I fly the 2208/34 on a 3S 830 Tanic on my Shocky. It is SMOKIN' powerful on a 9x4.7 APC. If you go a 2S, you can run a 10x4.7 APC, and perhaps end up in the same category as far as thrust.

I'd also like to hear any first hand info on the Axi for larger planes, or the new Himaxx. Any real info out there on them yet? Prop versus amp draw and total thrust numbers? Prop and rpm on so much voltage numbers?

For the bigger planes, maybe the gear set ups are the way to go. If I had a couple hundred to blow on a 12 to 14 ounce foamy power plant, I'd go Himaxx 2015-5466 (on 12x6sf APC), CC-P-25, and a the Tanic 1050 2S LiPos (I'd get two sets). That sounde like a light weight powerhouse to me.
Here is some info that isn't really out there yet. AXI has an new 2204 motor that has mounting tabs attached (no radial mount) and it has the prop adapter that lets you rubber band your prop on. If you run that with an 04 amp controller and a 3 cell 830 (or 340) a Shocky comes in at 6 ounces. The punch out is pretty intense and the wing loading makes the Shocky do some things it couldn't do before. All the guys at the office are changing over to the 2204. I have a Shocky here but I think I'm going to put my 2204 on my Mini Gee Bee and see how she likes it.
I am flying big AXIs on my profiles now. I don't have the numbers in my head any more but I can answer most of your questions. The 4130 freaking kicks ass. Ask FlyBoone, he has flown it.


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I've seen the 2204 in a mag or two. It looks pretty small, kinda like a replacement for the custom CD rom motors. I like the integral mount and included prop saver.

Not to criticize, but Himaxx includes those things with their motors, and a radial mount too. Maybe HL needs to ask Axi to rethink a thing or two. Perhaps the Axi has more power, and is worth it anyway. I can't compare anything but price from where I'm at.
Gary Seeloff said:
That's Greek to much power is the 2212/34?
On 3S it's maybe 90% as powerful as a 2015 4100 Himax in a D gearbox.
Thanks for all the info guys. :)

I think I'm going to go with a 24" span foamy Yak from Nikitis.

Check it out:

The performance sounds marginal on a 12oz plane, this might be the bomb!
Actually, the way I described it makes it sound worse than it was. I was pleased with it. A friend of mine has one on a Tensor at 10 oz. and it rocks!

You talking about the 2204/54?
If so, I flew a Shocky with one and your right, That is the motor for a shockflyer.

I want one!
I had the axi 2208/34 on a extra lite (7.5oz) J williams eSLEDGE. It done a great job pulling it around. But it is a good bit larger of a plane than the shockie.. I would think 12oz plane would be a little much..
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