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automatic login

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Having the site remember me for automatically logging in is not working very reliably. sometimes it works, some times I have to log in, sometimes i have to log in twice. i *believe* that when i have to log in twice i can already see my name on the "logged in users" list. is there a timeout for inactivity or something?

-I only use one computer to log in
-i have cookies working.

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ok just now it made me log in twice:

I came to the forum page, 2 members listed but not me, made me log in.

I entered U/N and pw, and checked "log me in automatically"

then popped up the "not logged in" page, but this time it showed my username as logged in.

I entered my username and pw and didnt check the box and got in successfully.

I'll see if I see anything. Things like this are very hard to troubleshoot.....
so I've logged in in all three cases now: "log me in automatically" checked once, both, and neither, and all three are the same. after the first time I see that my user name is logged in but I cant see forum titles and after the second time I get logged in but there are no stars or whatever for new threads, all that info is lost. do i need to be logging out after each session?

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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