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ARC Burrito?

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I don't suppose anyone has an ARC Burrito (Paul Swany design) sitting around to get rid of? :?

Don't make me build one of these things! :wink:
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I've got an ARC OMP Edge I built, Burrito Style.... I built two, then scrapped plans to do anymore....
I was trying to get into a Burrito, without building, but an OMP/Swany Edge would be tempting... :shock: I'm still covering on the SuperSledge, and I'm "building burned out", for now. I actually don't like building... :oops:

Any thoughts on what you need to $get$ for one of those? Any guess on shipping as well?

Subliminal Message to follow:
Think Cheap... Think Cheap... Think Cheap...
End of Subliminal Message. :wink:

Is that the "Edge-chilada" then? :D
Damn that was quick. I was editing my post, and you already responded!

Any guess on shipping a built plane to 54952?
If I was able to keep the weight of the packaging and plane down to 8 lbs and put it in a 12" x 6" x 48" box, I can ship it priority mail for about $12. insurance is extra...

But then again.. are you comming to the nashville probro? You could pick it up then....
Sorry, but it will be next summer before I can get down again. I can only swing that kind of trip once a year, I think.

Let me think about the "Edge-ish" plane a bit. I probably should just build the Burrito. It sounds simple enough, and by the time I paid for the "Edge-ish" plane, I could have two Burritos. And after all, how many Edge profiles does one need in a season???

Damn the cost of being lazy is high... :cry:
I'm gonna go with the kit. I guess I'll just have to build another plane this year... :?
It's a super easy build.. You'll have it framed in two evenings.. covered in a third and geared up in a fourth.....
$135, I'll take two. You said you had two? Now these are two OMP Edges built Burrito style right? Does that mean you added a carbon tube down the fuse? I've got a Burrito and I'm absolutely in love with how tough it is. Let me know. Can you E-mail me some pics?
Sorry duuude... They are both gone.
so, paul, when you gonna get a container of chinese built a.r.f. MOJO's in? I bet they will go like hot cakes!!!
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