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Anyone try ceramic bearings?

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Hey there, I need to put of set of bearings in an engine and wanted to know if anyone has tried the ceramic bearings yet?

From what I've read they seem like a very good thing but reality can really screw up good ideas. I found a set that's only about twice as expensive as steel and if they work like advertised it seems like a lot better idea.

Anyone have any practical exp. with them?
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The races are still steel, so they will still rust. The balls are pretty brittle, not sure if crash damage would fracture them or not.

I hung out with the high RPM dudes for a while, none of the racing engines come with ceramic bearings AFAIK. If there was any advantage at all, them guys would have 'em.

That's the yardstick I use to measure their worth..if cut-throat racers don't use 'em, they can't be much better...if any at all.

Just get 2 sets of good steel bearings with phenolic retainers.
I think MB 40 uses ceramic bearings. They are strong from what I've seen. I don't have any experiences with them, a flying buddy flies f3d.
You might be right, Laurens. I'm not familiar with the MB.
33000 rpm, 120 Db Sweeeeet. Dutch made :D
the dutch are good at making windmills :D ...sorry i couldnt res....
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