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Anybody tried this yet?

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I'm thinking about doing a 1/2 size Burrito. Something I can throw in back of my CJ-5 and take to work with me.It's gotta be glow, though, 'cuz the price of admission to E-land is too steep. I'm thinking it would be super light, 'cuz if you use 3/16 stix instead of 3/8, you don't have 1/2 the balsa, you have 1/4 the balsa, right? So, say it comes out at 1 1/2- 2 lbs. what glow engine? Would a Saito .30 be too much ( too heavy)? Will it work? Well?
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half size,? 24" span, would be 1/2A (.049 like), 32-36" then your talkin .25 or a 30 4banger, taco size... just make a taco :D
or for E power a floamy setup is cheap.
Taco too big. This is CJ-5. about 32" x 20" cargo area. Guess you're right about the 1/2 A thing, though, it would be pretty small. Hell, I've already got a Norvel .074. Trouble is, small engines spin small props, and small props might not make enough prop wash for control surfaces to be effective for 3D. That's why I was wondering if anybody tried it yet. If not, I might have to be the first. And a foamy ain't so cheap, either. I thought about getting a shock flyer, 'till I figured out it would cost $400 to make that $60 plane go. flight pack, battery pack, charger..speed controller or brushless combo.....ain't dropping $400 bucks on a piece of foam, thanks.
matchless built the edgeling, that is a sweet little plane :D
Yeah, it 3D's on like a 6" prop!
I did a search on the edgeling and came up dry. Guess I'll have to PM matchless for the details..unless somebody knows where a thread is.....

here is a pic i found
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Not nevermind about the plane nevermind about the stupid shit I posted, then replaced with,"nevermind". The plane looks cool, and I have most of the gear. Now, if I could just figure out how to get one. His damn web page won't finish loading for shit. It's powered by Yahoo, and I'm on AOL, so it's a losing proposition on both ends.
I did not see your post here until just now...

I finally got a video of the Glow powered Edgeling up. The one in the vid is powered by a worn out .074 but still has plenty of power to 3d. With a strong .074 it really kicks.

the vid is at


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i can only see one min of the video i downloaded it and it cuts out at about 1min and starts over, i like what i see, i want to see the rest :D
Yeah, I'll have to get JackO to reload it. He told me his server was cutting out about 2mins of the vid. Its just more of my pitiful attempts at flyin'...
My Edgeling is one of the best fliers I ever had. The knife edge is incredible and flies like weightless.
At firs I powered with a 061 but it was lacking vertical, now has a 074 and has become a Rocking Machine. I´m even thinking in making one bigger to build.
As always also have bad luck with your video.
Thanks for a great design.


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What would happen if you just took the mojo 40 plane and then scaled them down to about 24 in wing span?

Besides the fact that Swany would probably cut your head off? :shock: :lol:

pjsrider said:
What would happen if you just took the mojo 40 plane and then scaled them down to about 24 in wing span?

Well instead of 24" why not go a bit bigger and have something like this..

Wing Span: 36"
Weight: 24 - 28 oz.
Wing Area: 431 Sq. In.
Wing Load: 8 - 9 oz / sq. ft.
Engine: .25 BB or equiv E "powah"
Radio Gear: 4 - 5 Channel Radio, 5 standard servos

The Mojo was designed to be a 3D monster! This bird is for intermediate to advanced pilots. Super clean knife edge with little to no roll coupling. Harriers are very stable with almost no wing rock. This bird is incredible agile and excels in all 3d maneuvers. This plane is flys aerodynamically neutral at all attitutes. The fuse design incorporates the Glass Form Epoxy Tube, so it's very durable too! The Mojo kit is engineered to be very easy to build as many of the parts are precut and most of the cuts are straight. If you want to take the next step in 3D, this bird is for you!

Stolen right off this page....

I can't wait to get to board cleared off to start on this one!
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I love this pic.. The guy in the background is totally doggin' ol' Bolio!


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Hell man slap that Saito on a skeeter 30 and let'er rip, Or a 15la. Or you could take Match's HalfWit scale it up abit with a 10la.
wow! blast from the past
Yeah, I miss the smalluns section.
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