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Anybody mix their own fuel?

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I mix my own fuel and I have a question.

I use to use Klotz @ $32/gal and recently I have switched to Cool Power Oil at $22/gal. The thing is when I mix the fuel with the green cool power at 20% its not as green as the stuff that Cool Power sells that is 15%. I keep telling myself that I mixed it correctly but the very light green comparable color worries me. They make the oil the same color as the fuel.

They just add even more green food coloring to the finished fuel product compared to the oil right?
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Ive mixed a little fuel but never used Cool Power oil. Id double check my measurements an if its right.....just go for it.

The engines arent running any different are they?
Don't sweat the color, it's artificial anyway. The castor I use is totally clear. And when I mix for the ST, it uses so little oil and some of it is clear so it's barely pink. And I saw Paul (I think) had clear fuel, I think the only down side is not seeing the fuel level!!
What's the recipe for fuel anyway?
Can I buy the ingrediants at WallyWorld?
Tater said:
What's the recipe for fuel anyway?
Can I buy the ingrediants at WallyWorld?
I get all my fuel needs delivered to my home for a monthly fee...

God I love electric. :twisted: :D :wink:
haha nice

but seriously could you mix your own from just common THINGS
You can get what you need at a cart shop.....nitro,Klotz or Castor oil, methanol.
IMHO if you need nitro, there's not much advantage to mixing it yourself, though many disagree. My figures show that I can save $3 or so a gallon, not worth my time.

Now my ST 3000 can run on 0% nitro, so it's a lot cheaper. I was mixing it for $4/gallon, and it's a very thirsty engine. It also needs way less oil than normal. Since I started flying it again, I've been mixing Methanol with Cool Power 15% 50/50, and adding enough castor to get up to 11% oil or so. That yields 7.5% nitro at a cost of about $8 per gallon, still a good deal when you only get 6 or 7 flights to the gallon.

I should go back to the 0% but it's running so good I'm afraid to mess with it!!!
Well, I don't really mix my fuel to save me money...I do it mainly to save time. A trip to the LHS here is like 45 minutes (not including checkout time and gosh forbid "shopping time").....I can mix up two gallons in about 20 mins. easily without the hassle and drive fuel time.

However, for YS 20/20, I making my fuel for about $11/gallon and the LHS is $22ish so I am saving. Before the Morgan CoolPower was closer to $13.00/gallon. Also, I have more control over exactly what I want to make depending on what I plan on flying next.
If you want to save money and get some great fuel, get ahold of Brian Cooper from Cooper fuels. That stuff is awesome. I picked up 1200 RPM on my Irvine 53 by switching from Byron's to his stuff. Other guys I know have picked up even more.

If you get a bulk fuel order, you can get your fuel cheaper from him than you can at almost any hobby shop. The only catch is that the shipping companies charge a Haz-Mat fee, so you need to buy it in bulk to save alot. He told me that if you have 1 gallon of fuel or 20 gallons the Haz-Mat fee is still the same.
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