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Anybody make a good dremel?

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ive gone through 3 dremel tools in as may years,
first one lasted the longest but never really liked it it was a craftman with variable speed too bulky and noisy got 5 years out of that,
the last two were dremel brand and they both sucked.. about1 year each, the first quit with no warning or fight just one day went to use it and nothin...
the second one is just a single speed and its starting to make more noise than a sick goose...
any differnt brands or models that have good bearings and are smooth running???????????
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I've had good luck with standard corded dremels with the long head extension (takes a lot of stress off the interior bearings) and a foot pedal.

Check out Foredom brand flex shaft tools. More $$$ but the quality is there.
well, for now i just fixed the one i had using the parts from the old one that would not work at all, turns out in the new one the field coil was burnt out, swapped some parts and got the variable speed one going again, but it still sounds like shit, i think the front bearing is slipping in the sounded like shit from day one, so load was not the problem.
i'll keep looking for a good one to ask for for x-mass..
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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