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Any News on T-Shirts?

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Any news on when the T-Shirts and Hats will ship :?:
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Still waitin' for my shirt. Can't wait much longer. Gotta let my freak flag fly 8)

I got my shirt this past Sat. Looks pretty cool thanks Billy!
yea, where's mine too?
Damn, I would love one, but I think all the old farts would try and bash me :p And I normally wear my club shirt anyway. Ill think about it, how much are they anyway??

Hey Billy, any word on when the shirts are shipping????

Doh!!!! Got my freak flag in the mail today! Asked one day too soon!

Thanks Billy,

keep givin' em hell!!!
Who doesn't have their shirt yet? Let me know. Somehow I was short on XXL shirts. If you don't have your shirt let me know.
BillyHell said:
Somehow I was short on XXL shirts.
:lol: That wasnt a dig at the size of all the Bros was it Billy???

I didn't think of it that way but most of the shirts were XL and XXL. So we are big boys.
Haven't got mine yet Billy. :(
I haven't received mine yet either and I ordered a 2XL.

Kurt Jordens
[email protected]
Bro# 968
Any shirts left?? I`d like to order a couple larges..if there are any left

whats your smallest size??? I might take one
The new order for shirts and hats will begin this month. I'll post when the orders are ready to be taken and I'll also post a cut off date for when the deadline is for orders. This series of shirts/hats will be red. They should be cool.
Put me down for 3XXL please Mr. Billy sir.
Billy I put an order for a hat quite some time ago. (Before the Nash Pro-Bro)

Did my order get lost? If so I'll reorder.
Don't do your order here. It doesn't work that way. When I give the word you can go to the page and make the order then.
There hasn't been a new hat order since then. I have your order and your money ready for the next order. All is well!
I plan to order a hat also. But first I want to find a store where I can walk-in & try-on a Flex-Fit hat. I can guess at a t-shirt size, but the hat has to fit my bulbous gourd. I need to find a local store somewhere around Wausau.
Are these gonna have the flame detail up over the bill?
Is there a mesh inside the front portion that keeps the smooth rounded shape?
How many more hat orders do you need to meet your minimum?
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