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Any Nascar Fans????

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Just sitting here and watching the race(Martin is leading) and wondering who you Bros stand behind.

Mark Martin here. Since 88'.
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Looks like Kahne is doing well.

Go Jeff Gordon!!!!


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Dont even tell me you support that ***! PLEASE!!

Just wait untill Martin gets a few more laps in. His car improves on the long runs.
What happened to yer boy???? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
We'll see after the pits..........

Go Martin
Martin #1 with 34 to go .......and he needs this bad......come on engine, just a little longer
And after pits, hes still



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J Gordon, J Johnson, K Kahne that order. Oh an btw Jr blows. :!:
Rainbow Warrior? Geez, am I the only one that hates that ******
My buddies went to the bar to watch the race but Im in the middle of building so I didnt go.
We'll take a third. Fucking caution!!
Congrats to saddler.
Jeeze, did you have time to watch the race? You been typing like crazy! :lol:

Things just haven't been the same since Evernham (sp?) quit being his crewchief.
Ooohhh I was myself. Man did I hate that last caution. Atleast Martin's in the top ten for now. Next week will be one to watch.
Is there any way we can have a chat for next weeks race? Or maybe the Bros arent so Nascar friendly. Just a suggestion. Good race Saddler.
I just wish he drove chevy :(
I agree
I was a Davey Allison Fan.. :( Think JGordon is a ***... :p Dont care for TStewart either...I pull for Ryan Newman...And anyone that is in front of JGordon... :lol:
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