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Another good day at the field with my trainer

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Well guys,
I'm on my way back, back to where I was at least. I was nowhere near 3D flight yet when I had to quit flying. Anyway, I made another trip to the field today and spend the better part of it burning fuel in the trainer. My landings still aren't always so great but I'm getting the bird down in one piece and I'm getting pretty comfortable in the air again. I've started back with basic aerobatics. I'm doing loops and rolls and did a few Immelmans as well today.
The main thing is that I'm getting stick time again and it feels great.
I won't keep on boring y'all with these post anymore but I did want to let some of the guys who encouraged me know that I'm doing pretty well.
I think I'll probably be moving back to my GP Easy sport next. It's a shoulder wing with the trike gear still. The next step after that will be the Burrito. I probably won't post on this topic again until I get back to the Burrito so it will be a few weeks.
Thanks for all the encouragement and advice guys,
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All I can say is Im very proud of you Micheal......I think most of us has found ourselves in this position at some point in our flying history...
That is awesome keep on flying. It only gets better from there, and you have plenty of support here. You'll fly the trainer and if you push yourself you will be bored with it probably just about the time you are ready to fly your new Burrito.
I almost bought a SpaceWalker for my first balsa - dodged a bullet there. I can see now I'd be bored with it in one half-day of flying. I can remember trying to harrier into the wind with my "trainer" (It was a Bat Trick combat plane.). Another favorite was the back-stroke: I would take it up - cut the throttle - try to thermal inverted as long as I could. Usually I ended up wobbling the wingtips - like a backstroke.
I bet you could move from you trainer to a Burrito if you want to. Mine is such a floater. I flew it on low rates for about 3 flights - now I don't even remember where that switch is anymore. If you keep it tame - it's a pussycat. I'm almost convinced a Burrito could replace the typical high-wing trainer. If I can get my son interested - I'll train him on my Burrito.
Trainer?... We don need no steenkeng trainer!
I'm with Tater on this one. Most of the profile fun-fly 3D style planes that the brothers prefer can be made to fly as docile as the typical trainer( or even more so) and don't have any of the "nasty" flying habits that high-wing, dihedraled, tricycle-geared, overweight, flat-bottomed airfoiled planes exhibit, especially when we, as beginners, may occasionally get them a little bit crooked in the air. Keep the control throws minimal, and you can practically fly them by ear. :wink:
Good job Sky_Dancer. Even with my profiles I find myself up high doing the basic aerobatics now and then. Man does not live on hovering alone :wink:
Nice Job Sky Dancer. I must say that you are on the right track. Keep burning lots of fuel in your trainer. That builds confidence. When you are flying with confidence you end up having a lot more fun.

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