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Another cool video

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This ones been passing around the web, thought I would share with the Bro's. Maarten de Moor is the pilot. AFP is the program. Wonder when the sim version of the XFC is coming? I though I was progressing with my skillsets till I watched this...

I suggest you right click and save as, you want to watch this all at once without buffering. Plus you'll want to watch it over and over without having to stream it.

23mb streaming

This is Maarten's Extra 300 setup if you have AFP.

Throws: all 60° except rudder= 50°
CG: +3.0 cm
eng: 12 kw, torque: 40%
prop: 31x10.6 max rpm= 8200
gross weight= 15900g
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damn! yea I got to get out and practice, where's my damn controller?
Now how long before AMA bans hovering on fences and behind them on simulators!
Nice vid...ur right theyll prolly ban 3D planes on the SIMS so we cant practice either =( Im having to much fun so tell them to f*** off!!!

Dan :)
His takeoff is just amazing. I have tried to replicate it now at least 100 attempts. I think im going to make a parody follow up video with all my failures.
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