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AMA Election

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Hey Guys I almost never have anything to say. I'm the president of Propbusters in Richmond Indiana. (We are 3D friendly) I emailed my district VI VP Charlie Bauer before each EC vote reguarding RC Rule #9. Charlie voted in favor of changing the wording to it's current content.

I got this letter today from Charlie to read to my club supporting Dave Brown for president . Guess what? I'm not going to read it to my club at the next meeting or ever! Dave Mathewson will be the best president of the AMA once he gets the votes he needs to get elected!
My point is the other side is feeling the heat and to help elect Dave Mathewson it's going to take lots of support at local club meetings!
Here is the letter Charlie Bauer sent me today..........

TO: District VI AMA Clubs

From: Charlie Bauer

Date 9-1-04

SUBJECT: President's election

Yes, I'm the VP for your district, but this letter has nothing to do with that. This letter is being sent at NO expense to the AMA. I purchased the mailing labels from HQ.

I ask that you read this at your next club meeting.

I have been a member of the AMA since 1938. I have seen a number of presidents of the organization, and firmly believe that Dave Brown has been one of the best.

Under his leadership we have become a more financially sound organization, not having to solve cash flow problems by borrowing money each year.

He is a modeler's modeler...last year I saw him fly a control line model, and actually wind and fly an indoor rubber powered model.

The latest membership report shows that we now have about 161,000 members! I remember when 30,000 was the average membership.

His interest in education led him to form the Education Committee, members of which are professional educators. There programs have helped to build the youth membership to about 14,000. they provide information and assistance to teachers and clubs running youth programs.

His leadership of the Executive Council is unmatched. He is able to bring 13 members to pull in the same direction for the good of the organization.

I ask that you urge all the members of your club to vote for Dave Brown when the ballots arrive.
Thanks for your support.......
And keep flying...........Charlie

This is what the other side is doing!
Probro # 142
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"I have been a member of the AMA since 1938."

Killed that dudes credibility with me instantly.
Man that dude must be 110 years old!
Well, since 1938? Is that even verifyable?

I mean, is there like a stone tablet with the names of AMA pilots ingraved in it?

Let's see, the dead sea scrolls, oh yeah, the 1938 AMA membership list.

Who was AMA President then, Fred or Barney?

Anyway, Dave Brown is a dead goose, or lame duck, or retarted swan, or whatever.

He's done!
this is rather a stupid newb question
but how do you vote for our next pres?

will there be a mailing thing ? or is it online or what ?

The AMA will be mailing out ballots very soon to all members. One caution is to carefully note the address for return. The ballot does not go to AMA HQ. It goes to a firm that does the counting. All ballots that go to AMA HQ go in the garbage.
Interesting. Charlie didn't mention that the AMA membership has dropped each of the last two years, from 173,000 two years ago to 161,000. This year looks like more of the same.
TailTwister said:
Well, since 1938? Is that even verifyable?

I mean, is there like a stone tablet with the names of AMA pilots ingraved in it?

Let's see, the dead sea scrolls, oh yeah, the 1938 AMA membership list.

Who was AMA President then, Fred or Barney?

Anyway, Dave Brown is a dead goose, or lame duck, or retarted swan, or whatever.

He's done!
Be for real 1000 votes for Dave Mathewson will not be enough. To have success we need to figure out how to get these 75 year olds to vote for Dave Mathewson. Thinking this is a done deal is a mistake.
These are the results of the last AMA Presidential Election.

Dave Brown 16,339
Rich Hanson 4,710
Frank Tiano 6,739

This election will generate even more interest. My guess it is going to take over 20,000 votes to win. That equates to every ProBro going out and getting 20 others to vote the way he wishes them to. To get 20, you will need to try to get 50. Sitting in front of the computer is not going to elect anyone President.

Anyone have any ideas how to generate votes for the candidate of your choice?
Bring it to your club meeting. Ask the guys if they care who is prez. a lot of them don't. then tell them you do care! so do it for you!

As for me, I'm voting for matheson... unless billy runs... :D
I profess I don't really keep up on ama politics although I do plan on voting for matthewson for the first time this year. I would like to know If someone has a few points of interest that could be brought up at club meetings to a lot of non 3d flyers that might sway them to the Dave M side or at least get them to vote. Im not looking to turn this thread into a ama political discussion, just a half dozen reasons beyond being 3d friendly. Thanks ..Tom
I would have never guessed that Brown won by that much. :shock:

I guess I'm going to a few more meetings this year.
I have been trying to remain neutral in this election. Having said that, this is a post I made on RCU that may provide some talking points.

Who is Dave Mathewson

As, with all but one, of the members of the EC, I have had the opportunity to communicate with Dave Mathewson on several occasions. These are my recollections of Dave Matheson, if the substance or dates are wrong, I will stand corrected, and they are most certainly not his entire record. Some is a matter of EC Minute record, and some are my impressions.

First, Dave is an avid supporter of model aviation, and the AMA. His record in the EC is a matter of record. He is committed to open communication with the membership, and has been helpful, even when I asked questions or held positions that he was opposed to.

In his very first EC meeting in Nov of 2000, he put an item on the agenda, ultimately carried, to re-instate combat. In Feb 2001 he, along with most of the Council, supported a setback for pylon, potentially saving it from extinction, and at the same time granting the VP's the right to waive pylon requirements in certain circumstances. In April 2001 he made a motion, again, supported unanimously, to bring district frequency co-coordinators to the same level of recognition as other district officers. In July 2001, he voted with the minority, against a motion that changed the safety code imposing rules a night flying.

In Feb 2002, he led a discussion in the EC about Term Limits for officers. Since it would probably take a by-law change, this idea has languished, although it has some support on the EC.

During the period where a dues increase was being considered, I found Dave to be like almost everyone else. He was not happy with the idea, but, realized that it was a necessity. He also was of the opinion that a larger increase than absolutely necessary was a better concept than having to raise the dues each year. The events of 9/11 were still fresh, insurance rates were increasing, and it was obvious the trend would continue into the future.

He has long seen the potential of embracing park flyers. He is convinced that drawing young people to the AMA is the future, and sees the enthusiasm of youth for "foamies" as extremely positive. He has made proposals for less expensive memberships for park flyers, which fell due to budget restraints. He was a major proponent of the Trial Membership, designed and aimed at the park flyers. His work on the park flyer committee has set the guidelines to define and recruit park flyers.

He was for the concept of rule #9. When it became apparent that a rule, that had been aimed at large aircraft had other, unintended consequences, he took a position against the rule. From the reports of others, I understand he led the debate in the successful discussion preceding the vote to remove the wording from the safety code; an agenda item proposed by Sandy Frank.

He has been the liaison with the JPO in the successful effort to update the safety code, and rules pertinent to turbines.

He has expressed exasperation with the length and breadth of the Safety Code. He has expressed his realization that the code can not micro manage every aspect of the hobby, but also recognizes that the Safety Code has a legitimate place in promoting saftey.

His efforts on the Frequency Committee have kept a spotlight on the potential help the radio manufactures might give by way of a reduction in the distance necessary for separation between clubs and/or flyers.

He is on the Publications Committee and he supports the concept of VP's column's covering district events, as opposed to national issues. He firmly believes it is the charge of the President to represent the AMA to the membership and supports some sort of an "Ask the President" format in MA or on the net.

I have found him to be very pro-safety, but, not at the expense of trying to micro manage clubs.

I have found him to be very supportive of the AMA president, the EC and the EC members. At the same time he is very obviously willing to take a position on his personal views when they differ with the leadership. The district 2 forum is, to my knowledge, the only district that is not moderated. He has consistently answered questions openly and honestly in both public and private communications. In his first run for office, a large plank in his campaign was open communications. I have challenged him and he has shown he meant it.

I have no doubt that Dave Mathewson will run a positive campaign, along with the other candidates.
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There are alot of people at my club that I have talked to that told me they dont vote. Just by showing them Dave's statement from his website they are convinced. There are others that are not so easily persuaded, but Im working to change that. We still have time. Its going to take a large effort on out part though, to get the message out there. Those of you who are just reading this and usually dont post. Just go to and print his statement. Put it up at your flying field and point it out. It cant hurt to inform your club members.

Just a suggestion....
There have been some "rumblings" at my club that even the "non-3D" flyers are not too happy with DB.

I'm adding as much fuel as I can to the fire.

I think that basically most of the people vote for DB because he's "there already" and that way they don't have to actually think.
When do they mail the ballots out?
The ballots are mailed, along with AMA renewals, in mid Septemeber.

As soon as you get the ballot, vote, and mail it back to the address ON THE BALLOT. DO NOT SEND IT WITH THE RENEWAL. If you send the ballot to AMA headquarters it will not be counted. It must be sent to the auditors to insure the fairness of the election. The ballot is also postage prepaid.

You DO NOT need to pay your renewal first. Vote before you set the ballot aside and you find it in December and wind up throwing it away.
When I was the VP of my local club we needed Charlie Bauers help on an serious issue we were having with a booted club member.

He was NO help whatsoever.
He needs to go as well.
wgeffon said:
When I was the VP of my local club we needed Charlie Bauers help on an serious issue we were having with a booted club member.

He was NO help whatsoever.
He needs to go as well.
Yep even the old guys in my club know that! But who is running against him. That guy didn't even help my club with the grand event like he was suppossed to. Frank Roales from Vincennes get around though, and does Charlie's work for him.
And for all you District V people, get out and vote for Tony Stillman. My condolences to any friends/family of Jim McNeil. BUT, let's not let his inaptitude as VP continue by having any McNeil cronies rubber-stamped into the Dist V VP slot.
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