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AMA dues $58 bucks for 2005

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HOLY CRAP DUDES, ama membership $58 bones

im a college kid and until now ive only payed a buck a year without the magazine.
i heard the magazine is crap anyways
i wish they had an option for open membership without mag.
or a college pass or something man that SUCKS BALLS.
sorry just venting.

might just have to fly in a wide open area instead of at the field i go to since its 30 min away anyways.hmmm...
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I know how you feel it really sucks going from 1 buck a year to 58 that hurt me.
i wonder if i should become younger every year hmmm
I am in the same position, first year to pay the standard ama member price. But I am lucky to be a member of a great club that waived my club dues while I am away at college, as long as I pay my ama membership. It's great to be a part of a club that would even think of that idea.
2 years ago, trying to hedge my bet against future increases, I decided to buy 2 years at once. Then of course they didn't go up, still $58. I might go ahead and buy 2 years this time, any bets on the dues going up next year?? 8)
My little club doesn't even care about AMA. I'm probably the only one who has it. So basically, I'm paying $58 to go to 3 or so fun flys per year. Oh well, at least the magazine has helpful articles on how to charge my lipos in a battery bunker on a concrete slab while I sit there and make sure they don't explode (vent flames har har har) for 4 hours. :roll: Fuckers.
cropdusterdave said:
:roll: Fuckers.
:D I thought the same thing! :D
Yep! I'm a CD and we used to get 1/2 price membership for doing at least one event a year. Not any more. Now we have to put up with all the problems AND pay full price for dues. That stinks.

I have to add this.... I had a claim for stolen property years ago, and the AMA paid it in full. I was very pleased with the coverage at the time. I don't know how or if they have changed that portion of the coverage, but it sure helped me out. We also had a club member almost get his arm cut off by a 4c .91 at the field. AMA insurance paid for a full year of rehab and some of his medical bills too. Again, it was worth the dues for the coverage. Just something to think about.
$58 is a BARGAN - for the insurance coverage alone!

X--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (This is me - running from the flames...)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->>
Yeah, I guess I'll have to agree. A guy really should have insurance. I remember 13 years ago when I crashed my trainer into a Cadillac Eldorado. that sucked.
cropdusterdave said:
Yeah, I guess I'll have to agree. A guy really should have insurance. I remember 13 years ago when I crashed my trainer into a Cadillac Eldorado. that sucked.
Was the plane OK... :lol:
just sent in my money (there goes my mojo motor :cry:) at least I get to fly at the probros though ohhh it would come in handy if 3d was as dangerous as every one thinks to.
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