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:evil: I want all Houston area guys to read this post and beware because I don't want to see anyone get duped like I did. As some of you may know, I had a package online for sale with all my R/C items. It was posted on R/C Universe, R/C Groups and the Profile Brotherhood. The package was for sale and I was taking a $1000 loss because I had recently lost my job and needed the money to pay bills on my new house. I don't know which one of these sites this guy e-mailed me about. His name is Bennie Walters. He said he lives in NW Houston and belongs to a club up there. He showed interest in my package and it wasn't selling good so I dropped the price and e-mailed him to let him know. He e-mailed back on 1/9 saying "I'll take it. Call me on my cell phone." I contacted him and set up a time for him to come down. He no-showed me. When I called him about it, he said that he had been called out of town on business and would be back by Thursday. I called him Friday and he said he would come Saturday. I tried calling him a few times Saturday so I would be home for him but couldn't get him. I accidentally called him from my home phone and he answered saying he would call me right back and asked me if this was my number. After a few hours, I tried to call him to see if he was still coming. He would not answer (obviously recognizing the number this time). I began looking through some of the e-mails of others who had shown interest in my things and saw another person who had inquired about the package. This one was posted on 1/15 asking how much for the package. In Outlook Express, sometimes it will show the person's name that sent it, and sometimes an e-mail link. The post on 1/15 showed a link of [email protected]. As I looked through some of the others, I noticed that Bennie Walters' return path is [email protected]. Why would he e-mail me with a different name asking about the price 6 days after saying he'd take it? Because he had no intentions of buying it. So to all you guys who are posting items for sale on these sites, beware of this guy. He will string you along with no intentions of ever buying what he is asking about. If he had changed his mind, he simply could have been a man and said so. He is not a child. He is a grown man. Our hobby is R/C. Evidently his is deception and games.
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