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Aileron reflex

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I have noticed that reflexing my ailerons upward slightly has a tendency to stabilize the wild wing rocking I'm getting when I try to harrier my TopCap. Has anyone else tried this? Something else I can do to get it to stop rocking so much?

I actually did a knife edge loop today. Had it in a K.E., holding real well and just goosed the throttle. She went stright up and curled on over in a loop. Scared the crap outa me. You know I'm gonna do it some more now that I know what to expect. It's real sensitive in pitch coupling when in a K.E. Have to stay on the sticks all the time.
My biggest problem is I don't have a local go to guy who can show me how to do this stuff. I'm having to experiment all on my own and sometimes it gets real hairy. Already broke the TopCap once and fixed it. Now it flies better than it did before the crash.
Maybe we should just take a new plane out and break it on the maiden flight, take it home, fix it, then go back to the field. Hmmmmmm!
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Raising the ailerons kills a little of the lift, or makes the wing stall more or something. Lots of guys report that this helps their harriers. You can program spoilerons coupled to elevator so you can do this on command with a switch, but also fly the plane with the ailerons neutral. Having the ailerons reflexed up all the time might make it do funky stuff when you don't want it, but if you can find a place where it harriers and also flys like you like (like in knife edge) then you have a good handle on it.
Sometimes it does funky stuff alright. Right now I have flaperons coupled with the elevator on a switch and I use the flap knob to reflex the ailerons. It seems to work ok but I'm constantly fiddling with switches and knobs. I turn off the flaperon mix during takeoff, reflex the ailerons up 4 clicks and fly my nutsack off. The flaperon mix comes in when I'm landing. It seems to make things much softer. Gotta remember to turn everything off when I'm trying to knife edge or it goes nutso.
Too much fiddling.
I agree. Most guys, if they use mixing at all, put flaperon and spoileron on a 3 way switch with no mixes in the middle. A lot less fiddling. You don't want anything on a knob, just a flick of the switch to go from one to the other.
now take that flapperon mix and slave it to the elevator channel so you dont have to use a dial, dials are for scale guys canopys and glider flaps and crap that you wont crash when you grab it.
lots of guys including me will use flaperon which is ailerons moving opposite elevator for tighter loops and waterfalls and crap and spoileron which reflexes your ailerons with the elevator or up elevator makes up ailerons. a 3 way switch helps one way spoil, center off, otherway flap
like what chuckauger was saying but got lazy.. (i think he's sick of doing this one every week)
ive gotten away from spoileron cause the only thing its good for is harrier and i just have planes now that harrier without it :D
Damit you beat me
I have a single switch flaperon/spoileron coupled inverse to Elevator. No fuss, no mess for many 3d manuevers.
its nice to be able to turn it off, i hate hovering, and rolling moves with flaperon, i use it for some spins and waterfalls and crap, everybody is different though depends on how much you mix also i think i got 55% which i think is alot
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