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AFP u guys use it ?

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hey im lookin into getting AFP
u guys play with it ..?
is it worth it is it cool
better than G2?

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I have nto spent a lot of time on G2 But I absolutely love my AFP. It has taught me how to hover belly in, Blenders, knife edge spin, smoother torque rolls, and just other things that are hard to learn.

I give it two thumbs up. Also you can download all different types of airplanes.
The only thing I have flown as good as AFP is Reflex but AFP is just as good and cheaper.
AFP is the shit. It is very realistic and will definately improve your flying skills.
Where cn we get models, specifically the EF 540?
Go to Not sure if i saw the EF there though.

there is a the 92" Edge Hybrid, 65" Yak, 79" Yak and 80" Edge if you are looking for profiles.
I've tried to register several times, and keep getting an "Invalid Session" message.
Frank, if you want I can put whatever planes you want on a cd for you. Ill be at Romy's on Saturday for a wedding reception. Just let me know.
I don't even have AFP yet. I've been trying to talk myself into it, and wanted to see what downloads there were. I know the OMP planes are there, but any others available?
I have had this program for a few months now. I still haven't learned hovering on it yet. Soon.

But lemme tell ya what I did. THis program has the option of doing a "cockpit view" while flying. I did that while flying around on a knife edge. Circles. Horizontal Figure Eights. It took a while, but I got pretty good at flying around on a knife edge. THis was a couple of months ago. Haven't done it since.

Saturday, I finally tried Knife Edging with my plane at the club field. I couldn't believe it. I flew back and forth doing knife edges. Every time it started to "fall out", I recovered and continued on with the knife edge.
It totally shocked me, that I could "correct" in the proper direction without thinking about it.

Now that I see how good I am...... I'm gonna get lower and lower.
:shock: :D
They have others. I downloaded the hype, funtana, extras, and edges. I like the OMP's the best though.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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