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A tip for the Blue Gear Box.

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I put my gear box and found one small problem,

There are 2 small screws that go in the bottom to squeeze the motor in place. The holes are the same size as the tap drill holes. The screws measure about .095 diameter so I drilled the hole out to .101 that is #38 drill, This will make it alot easier to tighten the screws.

This how mine came I do not know if they are all like that.
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hhmmmm, sounds like you got a freak that missed that station...
I've flown with several guys around here that use them and neither they nor I have ran into this problem.
I checked 4 of them out at LHS today and they were all good. Like you said probably just a freak,,,
Damn, now there's something strange going on!!
I didn't buy that one! :shock:
If one of them came out of the factory screwed up it's usually me that get's it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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