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I have downloaded and been flying the OMP GS540 on AFP hard for a couple of nights now. This thing is sweeeeeeet. Now here is the question.

Just how realistic is this plane in the AFP sim. I want answers from people who have flown the GS540.

I want to know because if it is very accurate, then I need one of these. It seems just as easy to TR/Hover as the big 40%'rs on the sim. I am a real 3D newbie, but this plane could be a huge confidence builder.

I am really curious, because I can do all kinds of stuff with the big birds on there, but the cost of a 35-40% bird is way outta my league for the time being. But the GS540 isn't. And it seems almost as smooth and predictable.

Well, since I am part of the OMP team my answer to you may seem biased. However, we spent weeks after our first AFP prototype fine tuning this plane. The model for AFP comes directly from the outline of the GS 540 Edge from OMP. All of the weight distribution of the model has also been proportioned accordingly. It has also been test flown by 4 other OMP GS 540 Edge owners before we released it.

In a nutshell, it cannot get any closer then it is. It would also depend on how you would setup your own actual build however when you get your kit.

The plane is ever so much as stable to fly as a 40% Scale Edge. There is a simple reason, wing loading. You are talking about an 11-12 lb plane with 1632 inches of wing area. You can do the math. Plus with the addition of a profile fuse which gives it basically another wing especially at knife edge. The main idea of the OMP GS 540 Edge is to deliver giant scale performance at 1/4 of the cost.

I expect to hear some more input, but remember most of these addon planes for AFP and other sims were based on 3D wireframes that they found on the net or bought. In this case the original design engineer worked directly with the sim developer hand in hand.

Most importantly, OMP would not have put this out if it was not realistic. That is why we will not make this model available for G2. The physics just don't allow a realistic flying plane. Now lets hear what others think.

By the way, if you like the GS Edge wait till you fly the 65" Yak. Ton of rudder power. First plane I ever got to do a knife edge lomcevek with.

It will be available for download Tues 24th Feb.

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