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A Letter About Dave Brown

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This is from a friend of mine Fred Marks. Fred runs FMA, the company that distributes Kokam Lipos.

AMA voting for the presidency is in process. The information presented here is vital to that process.
Please read the unmodified Soapbox item as submitted. Then review the modifications Brown insists be made.
1. Dave Brown has been AMA Pres for three terms and should have stepped down this term as he had agreed. Yet, he chose to run again.
2. In May, 2004, Brown presented a Presidents Perspective column that was on the subject of Lithium Polymer Batteries that he knows almost nothing about, but chose to make it confrontational and misleading.
3. I took the matter up with him directly in dialogue, tried to educate and correct his most glaring errors. I spent an hour with Don Lowe of the Safety Committee at Toledo and Don and that committee handled the situation accurately and professionally. Yet, Brown belittles their efforts in his mark up of my article.
4. His response was a follow on column in the August issue that added more of the same and closed with an asinine remark.
5. I wrote a Letter to the Editor of Model Aviation in response and submited it to Bob Hunt, Editor.
6. Hunt requested that I make it a Soapbox article as one of the AMA's methods of presenting other viewpoints. This was done and the article attached was promised to be published in the November issue to hit the mail in Sept. All this has obviously been delayed in an attempt to stonewall and delay to the point that voters would not see a true picture.
7. The Oct issue arrived and there was no Soap Box. Surprise!
8. On Sept 27. I received a lengthy haranguing call from Dave Brown insisting that I change my opinion to conform with his. This is not arguable. I insisted that he send me a redline copy laying out his objections. I have attached the redline copy Brown sent me that shows it clearly.
9. I called Bob Hunt on Sept 28 to get his reading and he informed me he had sent the article to Brown for review. Why should this be done with a Soapbox article that is supposed to represent another viewpoint? This was done even though Hunt admits he never had the opportunity to edit Browns two columns. Hunt then insisted that the article would not be published unless it was modified to accomodate Browns directives.
10. Thus Brown demands to deprive AMA membership of a more accurate viewpoint from one who has led the way in AMA Frequency matters and in the introduction and promotion of Li Po technology via strong eductional activity.
11. This is a travesty and an egregious misues of power to suppress the first amendment rights of any AMA member to be heard and to exercise undue influence on the editorial staff of Model Aviation.
12. Truly, it is time for a new AMA Pres. I take this opportunity to endorse Dave Matthewson for that position.
13. You have my authorization to forward this message to any member of AMA that you know. The number of electric flyers alone is enough to decide this election.
14. An attempt to reach Rob Kurek, Director of Publications today to see if he was aware of this situation brought the usual AMA response: leave a message.

Fred Marks AMA 1733
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Well now maybe someone will start to realize that Dave Brown is a MEGLOMANIC DICKHEAD.
So let's get him out of office and get some real leadership in the AMA.

do we get the message?
It is up to us that know, to fix this.

I'm to pissed to say anything else!
So I'll shut up.
Thats unbelieveable.

It sounds a lot like censorship.

How do we vote...By the time I get my little proxy, the election is usually already over. :?:
Reminds me why I never joined the AMA untill recently to be able to fly at events. :roll:
Isnt that what the AMA president is supposed to do? Make tough decisions like this FOR the rest of us. Im sure he knows better than we do anyway. Just ask him.
I don't remember Dave Browns article. But I'm sure it was something to the effect that LiPoly batteries are the most dangerous things ever to hit the model R/C arena. AMA is going to have to charge a member surcharge to handle the extra liability insurance that could theoretically occur from LiPoly related fires.

Everything is dangerous when you don't know what the hell your doing. If you stick your tongue into the prop of your running motor, its dangerous and there is a good chance your tongue will be cut off. Does that mean all model engines are dangerous?

Its just new!! They need to make the chargers smart enough to talk to the battery pack so that the ignorant are protected from themselves....thats all.
Anybody know if this has made it to RCU yet?
Bizzaro Bill said:
You know, the place YOU posted today!!!!!
Damn, had that guy figured wrong. I was under the impression he was who DB consulted when he wrote the letter.

I also heard of another stupid AMA rule.... You can only have one flight line. ... 751&page=2 see post 30.

I have seen a second flight line for park flyer work really well several times.
Fred's comments are on RCU, rec.models.rc.air and RC Groups. He posted to RCU and RC Groups himself and had a LOT more to say than what Billy posted. I think you could say Fred is pissed at Brown. Here is the link to his post on RC Groups:
The statement " I guess the Hindenburg did not explode, it vented with flames" was the response.
(from rcgroups post)

Seems like a typical DB response... overly dramatic!!!
If all this came from someone who was a LiPo *enthusiast* rather than a LiPo *salesman* it probably would have reached more sympathetic ears at the AMA.

just to point out here that despite DB's repeated bad decisions (especially when editorializing), there's another side to the story.

capncrunch said:
If all this came from someone who was a LiPo *enthusiast* rather than a LiPo *salesman* it probably would have reached more sympathetic ears at the AMA.

just to point out here that despite DB's repeated bad decisions (especially when editorializing), there's another side to the story.

I don't think you realize that you just hit the nail on the head. It is not the AMA that was not sympathetic... It was one man . A man that represents the AMA to all of us.

Just as one man cliamed the EC passed rule 9, and yet, find one VP who will say they voted to do so.
Maybe it would be a good idea to get some endorsements for Dave Mathewson from other lipo salesmen. If DB starts making lipo related rules, then it could hit all of them pretty hard.
I'm like mfeuilly..I thought Fred Marks was DB's collaborator/technical advisor on the famed column. That DB reached all of those incorrect conclusions without consulting FM, when FM is handy as a technical advisor, shows even a stronger measure of DB's arrogance/ignorance.

And I tend to agree with capncrunch, except that despite his position as a lipo supplier, FM has more experience with lipos than most anybody in the RC industry. Like him or not, he could have provided valuable insight to DB before that column ever hit print.

The main beef I have with FM is him positioning himself as a major (if not sole??) supplier of safety circuit incorporated lipo packs, as well as an advisor to the EC, and saying that only such packs should be sold.
It doesnt appear that FM s position has much affect on the AMA, at least not with DB. Could be he pulls more weight with the EC. Even though that could change with new leadership. While I wouldnt be happy with a company that was manevuering to exclude other, this is a free market free enterprise nation, I do feel a lot better about this situation after seeing FM s remarks. It could be they arent going after a monopoly.....they may just find themselves as the only major player that could possibly affect the AMA s course at this point. Just giving them the benefit of the doubt here I guess.
I hang with Fred of FMA at least 4 times a year and he is an old veteran of RC and I think he is totally on the up and up. Not only did DB not talk to anyone informed about LiPos, he stated that he got his info from 2 hours of surfing the web. This from the guy that says the internet is the CB radio of today and everything on it is trash.
the internet is the CD radio of today and everything on it is trash.
WTF????? CD radio??

I think he's against all fun whatsoever.
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