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9c or 7c

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Im in the market for a new tranny. Is there any reason to get the 9c when the 7c w/digitals are priced so cheap. What Im asking is if there is anything that i would miss out on by going with the 7c? Its about time to get rid of the 6exa.
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You give up a lot of mixing with the 7c. Also it does not have dual elavator mixing which is a huge oversight IMHO. Just a personal thing but the 7 looks all plasticy and cheap to me while the 9 looks more like a real radio. Thats just a cpl of observations Ive made.
Thats what I thought but I was looking at and they say its the same as the 9c, just two less channels. If that were the case, I cant see needing more that seven channels. Are there just less mixes or different mixes?
If you dont mind not haveing dual elevator mixing go with the 7. My theory with radios is by the best your money will allow Ive never heard anyone say they had too much radio....but most guys need more. I hate to think of the money I spent upgrading radios.
I like the 9C as well. And I too was under the impression it lacked a lot of the mixes. Dual eles, you'll need em eventually.

If it were me, I'd look at the review of the 9C and then ask Futaba if the 7C will do a. b. and c. Specifically, does it have model NAMES (vs #'s), will it do all the mixes and curves the 9C does, will it allow ANY SWITCH to be assigned to any function.

On the other hand, how much $ does it save? With Servo City, you can add whatever gear to the package you want, so do a custom deal and add in the same gear and see what the difference is.
I'm wishing I would have gone with the 9C instead of the 7C. The main reason is because of mixing issues. I'm using dual aileron servos, channels 1 and 6. To mix opposite aileron to rudder for knife edge it burns up two for the right and one for the left. Seems pretty stupid that the flapperons links channel 1 and 6 with the trims, but not the mixes. Not to mention the dual elevator mix is missing.
Get the 9C. The extra features and capabilities are well worth the price difference compared to the 7C.

Here's an article I found on RC Groups by AnneMarie Cross that gives a direct comparison between the 7C and the 9C.

Also note that Futaba is about to release an upgraded 9C.....The 9C Super.

If you're not in a hurry to get a computer Tx, the 9C Super might be worth waiting for.
My 9C is great. You buy the 9C and then sell your other radios.
My 9C is great. You buy the 9C and then sell your other radios.
I would go with the 9c wish I would have especially trying to set up helis with the 7c sux. I am thinking of selling my 7c for the new JR 9303 not shur I hate to have all these brand new receivers and switch but the 9303 is just very cool and set up is simple.
Well, I grew some nuts and bought the 9C. The 7C is a TOY compared to this thing! Everything that you wish the 7C did, the 9C does. One question to those of you using the 9C.....Do any of you have dual rates set up so they are dependent upon another stick's position? For example, elevator goes to high rate after the rudder moves past 10%? Is there any use for this in 3D? This radio blows my mind!
This is for those who, like myself, are afraid to take the plunge and spend the big bucks up front. Here's a breakdown of my radio purchases:

( minus sign is money in my pocket )

Sell the Skysport 4 that came with my trainer : -$40
Buy a used 6xas on ebay, tx only : $85
Sell the 6xas to a buddy : -$65
Buy a new 7cap with rx and servos : $225
Sell the 7cap and rx : -$155
Buy the new 9cap with 9 channel PCM & servos $365

Over the course of these changes, I show $415 out of pocket, or $50 more than the price of the new 9cap. Plus, Futaba has a $50 gift certificate when you buy a new 9cap. Moral of the story, nut up and get what you want the first time! Or, as one old timer I know says, "Don't get off in Chicago if you're going to New York!"
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Plus, the 9C can be had for a LOT less than that unless you need that pcm rx. I got mine for a lot less with a Hitec Electron 6 and micro servos from Servo City.
IMO go with the new 9C super...more models and supposedly easier programming.....
BillyHell said:
I love my 9C!
I ordered the 9chp super series 8)
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