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700mAH NiMHs?

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I"m planning on throwing two HS5925 digitals into the tail of my Katana and a couple of HS5475 digitals into the wing with an HS81 on throttle.

I had planned to use a 6V 700mAH (AAA) battery pack for this but I'm a little worried that it might not be able to supply the necessary current to drive all those servos at once when I'm stirring the sticks in the air.

Has anyone else used digitals with a relatively small/light pack like this before? Any problems?
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I've had the same basic system, no problems. The number of flights may suffer, but I never felt I couldn't supply the power. I get 3 flights on my Sledge with that battery.
Thanks Gordo, well (wouldn't you know it) after a great weekend the weather has today turned to crap but now, as soon as it clears, I'll have no excuse not to wring out this new Katana.

Film at 11
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