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40% Edge 540T Video

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Here's my 7th flight on my newest and biggest plane ever! 40% Dave Patrick Edge 540T!!

Wingspan: 121"
Length: 118"

Please right click and save-target as!!!.wmv

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Nice :D
good flying, your camera guy gets the chattiest camera guy ever award :D
Hehe..My dad is way to shakey so I let him do it!! Thanks man! My friend John is filming it and he helps me out through it all. I liek to hear the enigne and music it's cool!

I DL'ed the vid and it locked up at 99%....what a ripoff!!!

I'll give it another shot so I can rag on your cameraman too.
that sucks...sorry man! sounds like a plan :)
LOL Didn't take long to over-do the bandwith. Let us know when you get it hosted somewhere else.
Knowing maverick, he has a link to it on Better Homes and Gardens, Ducks Unlimited, any place that will let him post a link! :D
I dl ed it before the bandwidth was used up....great flying plane....
HAha, sorry guys...I have a new video coming I just installed my smoke system in it...Sullivan Skywriter and the video should be up maybe around tomorrow. THanks for the interest though :-D


1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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